Michael Renfrow

Head ConciEAR

As the Head ConciEAR and founder of the company, Michael has a specific love for all things Disney. He especially loves introducing first-time families to the wonder of a Disney vacation. The magical moments experienced together and life long memories  they create are what led him to found ConciEARS. His job is to pull all the resources, data, experience, knowledge and creativity of the entire team together to help you form a magical dream vacation. Working with Michael feels like being Aladdin. You have your own magical vacation genie who seems to have mystical planning powers that are at your command!

James Hall

Vacation Planning ConciEAR

Coming from a family who loves Disney, over the years James has become a true believer in the power of Disney Magic and precious moments it can bring a family.  With a background in accounting he is able to take a budget of any size and translate it into a magical experience for the entire family.  He will make sure your vacation doesn’t feel like a boring schedule of tasks but an experience to remember.  James loves to follow the ever changing nature of the Disney parks first hand. He takes the task of keeping our families updated and informed seriously, ensuring they never miss a magical moment.  Come join James and be his guest on a vacation journey power by imagination and just like a the grey stuff, you’ll experience a vacation that is truly delicious!

Lyndsey Wells

Vacation Planning ConciEAR

Lyndsey has literally been a Disney fan since day one, when she was born at the hospital next door to Walt Disney Studios — and has been building that passion ever since. She’s a self-proclaimed Disneyland expert who’s been there for family fun, corporate picnics, and even to march in parades with her high school band. Now, as a mom of 3 rowdy boys, Lyndsey knows that a spoonful of preparation (and sugar 😉 can make every vacation better — so she loves sharing her Disney expertise with fellow parents to help them plan a memorable, stress-free trip.

Bryce Roloff

Vacation Planning ConciEAR

It all started with a mouse, or for Bryce it all started with a love of Walt Disney. Growing up playing Jazz music with some Original Disneyland musicians, Disney has always been a huge part of Bryce’s life. Originally from Seattle and now living in sunny Southern California Bryce is a ConciEAR with a mission to keep up to date with everything new at The Disney Parks. With his background in the restaurant industry, Bryce loves to share all his favorite Disney places to grab a meal or a tasty beverage. With their ever changing and always amazing dining, Bryce will make sure you have a Disney experience not to forget. Cheers to Walt!

Kailyn Paris

Vacation Planning ConciEAR

Disney has been a part of Kailyn’s life since the very beginning. She started frequenting Disneyland since before she turned one year old and has been an annual pass holder for most of her life! You’ll find her dressing like a Disney tourist throughout the week or conquering her bucket list of seeing every Disney movie by release date on the weekends. Her dream is to visit every Disney Resort around the world. So far she has made it to Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris! She finds pure joy in making other people feel as much magic as she does when they are in the Disney parks and can’t get enough of talking about all things Disney! 

Bryn Wittmayer

Social Media ConciEAR

Bryn loves sharing virtual pixie dust, spreading the love of Disney with Disnerds and newbies alike. She’s like our very own Yess, from Ralph Breaks the Internet. She loves Walt’s park, Disneyland, and shares that love with her husband and daughters. It’s a place of happy memories created with four generations of family. She knows every word of the Tiki Room music, gets excited when she sees the America Sings animals on Splash Mountain, and thinks the parking lot tram is a real Disneyland ride. Disney crafts, movies, and games are a regular part of her family’s life. Her favorite thing about Disney is that it helps us embrace Walt Disney’s motto, “Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional.”


Chelsea Hall

Hospitality ConciEAR

If her last name sounds familiar, that’s because she’s the wife of our travel planner, James Hall! Like Ariel, she was so excited to be part of our world. She has always enjoyed making people feel at home and welcome, and her life has always had Disney flair, so hospitality was a perfect match. Many of her characteristics are akin to Disney characters; she’s a mermaid at heart and dreamer like Ariel, a chocolate lover like Anna and Elsa, absent-minded like Dory, and a Disney princess at heart. Some of her favorite moments with her husband and two children have been at Disney parks, and she loves to share in people’s Disney adventures. Aside from loving to share the Disney magic with her family and friends, she is a passionate Disney movie quoter. She knows that “a dream is a wish your heart makes,” but “it’s up to you how far you’ll go,” so come “be our guest” with Chelsea as she shows you a “whole new world” as our Hospitality ConciEAR!

Erik Johnson

Communications ConciEAR

Erik has long wanted to be a part of the ConciEARS team, from vacation two or three with the company. A lifetime of treasured Disney memories fuel his efforts, from youth, through high school band trips, and well into his adult life. Give Erik half a chance and he will start telling you about his favorite places to grab a bite or a drink and the history of the building too. If you don’t give him that chance, he will probably do it anyway. Erik is living his dream telling Disney stories and helping visitors appreciate the finer details of their vacations along with his team of writers, planners, and podcast pals.

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