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A New Service from ConciEARS

by | May 31, 2023

One of the things we pride ourselves on most at ConciEARS is our excellent service in helping to make vacation planning as easy as possible. We are always looking for ways to improve our service and make sure no one is left out. And now, ConciEARS is proud to announce that we are expanding our services to include the Deaf community.

Typically, travelers planning a trip will have to talk to a different person every time they call or use a chat feature. (That’s why it’s so helpful to use a ConciEARS Travel Planner who gets to know you and your family – you talk to your dedicated travel planner rather than a revolving door of Disney Cast Members.) We have learned that for Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals who use ASL (American Sign Language), there is an additional challenge. A standard call to Disney World to make a change to your vacation plans, for example, involves a third party – usually a relay service that provides a qualified sign language interpreter – with the rare chance of having the same interpreter twice. We recognize that while this is a great service provided to the Deaf community, we can create an even smoother process for those who rely on interpreting services by providing our own directly. 

At ConciEARS, not only will you work the same assigned planner from start to finish, we now offer an in-house, qualified ASL interpreter for video conference calls who will be present with our planners upon request. This allows for face-to-face meet and greets, and eliminates the hassle of accessibility to get an ASL interpreter or solely relying on text or email.

 ConciEARS will work with Chelsea Hall to provide interpreting services to the Deaf Community. Chelsea is a life-long Disney fan, and an interpreter with 10 years of experience. Chelsea will be available to assist planners when talking face-to-face virtually with members of the Deaf Community. This new service will be included when you book a Disney vacation package with us.

There should be no barriers between you and the Disney vacation of your dreams. I’m excited to work with ConciEARS to make Disney travel planning easier for the deaf community.

Chelsea Hall, ASL Interpreter

At ConciEARS, our service doesn’t stop with personal interactions. We’re here to help you research and prepare for all your vacation needs, from mobility device rentals to planning your park strategy. Our end goal is always to help bring you a stress-free magical vacation, including not worrying about navigating whether you’ll have accessibility on your trip. We can find out and help you navigate any accessibility needs (including interpreting) for rides, shows, parades, character meet-and-greets, etc. 

You may wonder “Are there sign language interpreting services where I am headed?” or, “What types of captioning services are available?” We have already thought ahead! At Disney Parks these services are available at specific times and upon request. We will help you plan a vacation that takes advantage of these resources in the best ways for you and your family. 

Ultimately, by working directly with us, we get to know you personally to serve you better – and you get to work with a planner AND an interpreter who knows and understands your trip goals and can eliminate a lot of trip planning stress in the process.

Whenever you are thinking of doing your next Disney vacation, our door is open to you. With a combination of our excellent Vacation Planning Experts and our in-house ASL interpreter, we look forward to helping you make magical memories.



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