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An Old Favorite Back at Last!

by | Jan 8, 2020

Those who have spent a night or two in the resorts of Bay Lake or the Seven Seas Lagoon know something about it. Those who leave the Magic Kingdom at just the right time got to see it up close and personal. If they left by boat, of course. Even those who have dined atop Disney’s Contemporary Resort at night are likely to have seen it float by. If you have seen it, you likely love it.
The Electrical Water Pageant is something both baffling and quaint. How, amongst the most sophisticated feats of imagineering, does Disney justify a series of slowly moving images sailing around their most coveted resorts? Pure magic, that’s how.

Picture courtesy Disney

The Electrical Water Pageant was supposed to be a quick and easy affair. A fun, water-based answer to the Main Street Electrical Parade, the Water Pageant began back in 1971. Its humble beginnings dazzled guests with little more than barges, chicken wire, and Christmas lights. The show has changed over the years, but not much.
To see this procession of simple, glowing pictures flowing past guests is to find a glorious reminder of the past. Even now, the images you see are little more than lights on a grid. Up close, these barges are hardly impressive. From the shores of Disney World, they are a magic that many guests never see!

Picture courtesy Disney

Now that we are getting more comfortable in the confines of Disney’s Florida refuge, it seems that Disney is more willing to bring back some of the amenities we all grew to love. Here we see a parade that does not need to exist. When we do not have night time spectaculars, we still have a charming parade through the waterways, entertaining guests with Disney musical hits and the totally random “Walk the Dinosaur” by Was (Not Was). It’s a bizarre reminder of the past and it’s something I can’t wait to see again.

Picture courtesy Disney

If you want to see this charming water pageant, you can! If you time things right, you can watch the Water Pageant from restaurants and lounges around the Magic Kingdom. Maybe take the more leisurely approach and stay at one of the resorts along the lake and lagoon. There are plenty of great discounts right now that can make the trip worth your while.
Give one of our expert travel planners a call right away! We are here to help you plan the vacation of your dreams. Even if those dreams include a twinkling sea horse lazily traversing Disney World’s waterways.



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