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Big News for Disney Fans!

by | Jul 30, 2022

San Diego Comic Con was last weekend and your ConciEARS are still abuzz with their favorite announcements. Of course, we didn’t get any Parks content through SDCC, but there’s plenty of cinematic content to keep us engaged. Join us for a few of our favorite announcements!


Here’s my favorite: 

I am Groot!

Need more? Fine. How’s this:

For me, one of the most exciting things announced at Comic Con was the new series of “I am Groot” shorts. I mean, who doesn’t love a strong, silent type who has a great dance moves and a fun playlist? This series brings together one of my favorite characters from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise and one of my favorite types of entertainment available on Disney+

I loooove shorts because, well, my attention span for TV is short. I have a hard time watching an entire movie from start to finish unless I’m at the movie theater. There are just too many “to-do” distractions so when my family insists that we watch something together I’ll take a few shorts over a show or movie any day. 

For me, Groot + Shorts are sure fire way my family can get me to sit down and enjoy some TV time with them. 


I am nervous about a “Black Panther” movie without Chadwick Boseman but the trailer for Wakanda Forever soothed some of my fears. The movie appears to respect his memory as a person and as the Black Panther. The introduction of Namor may allow them to take the movie in an epic direction that doesn’t only focus on the loss of T’Challa.

Linking Namor to Mesoamerican is a fascinating choice. It’s not yet clear if he’s Aztec, Mayan, or an Atlantean with those cultural influences. Hopefully, Ryan Coogler and his team are as respectful of Central and South American cultures as they were of African cultures in Black Panther. Another exciting moment in the trailer is the brief glimpse of Riri Williams, AKA Ironheart. If she has a partnership with Shuri, we won’t need Black Panther or Iron Man to save the world! 

I think I’ve been waiting all my life to hear Angela Bassett say “I am queen of the most powerful nation in the world.” I can think of few actresses who could deliver that line with such grief and gravitas. It gives me chills. Here’s hoping the movie is even better than the trailer!


My favorite announcement was also Wakanda Forever trailer because I really enjoyed the first one. While it will not be the same without Chadwick Boseman. I am curious to see how they honor his legacy in this film.



Image courtesy Disney

Matt Murdock has been my favorite Marvel hero forever. I have a nearly full run on his comics. I loved Charlie Cox in the role and I freaked out when I saw him in Spider-Man. Sorry. Spoilers. But seriously, ask my wife. I freaked out in a way I haven’t since Vader’s final scene in Rogue One.

Anyway, Daredevil’s official return bodes so well for this saturated Marvel Universe. There’s a lot of content coming and it’s overwhelming. But maybe this means that the MCU will become more like the comics. We can feel free to miss some of the content and pick and choose our favorites. Maybe a surprise crossover will get us interested in some different stories.

As long as they keep making these stories, I’ll keep watching!

And back to Rogue One, I’m loving the Andor content. One of the most compelling new characters from a movie surprisingly bereft of Skywalkers. Now we can see a little more of his story and learn more about the beginnings of the Rebel Alliance. Mon Mothma, a new droid companion, what else do we need? Let’s explore the Star Wars universe without those wacky space wizards.

Until D23….

So many more Disney announcements are looming on the horizon. Stay tuned to your pals at ConciEARS for more takes on the big news! We’ll be glued to the D23 Expo when it starts, ready for whatever Disney movie, streaming, and parks content we can get. All of it is coming your way in early September!



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