Can You Handle the Heat? A Disney World Vacation in Summer

by | May 5, 2021

You’re planning your summer vacation with the family, researching where to go and what to do, and you find a killer deal on a Walt Disney World Resort! You’re so excited, ready to book and go for it, when you come to the realization that the Florida heat and humidity in the middle of July is… unbearable (to say the least). But WAIT! Before you scrap your Disney vacation plans, I’m here to tell you that it IS possible to have an amazing vacation in the hot summer months – even with young children! You just need to be prepared, know where to go, and keep your expectations in check.

The reality is that yes: between the months of May and October, Florida is HOT. While the high temps usually don’t get much above 90 degrees, the added nearly 80% humidity during the summer months really gets you feeling like it’s easily 100. And don’t forget the typical afternoon downpour several times a week!
Despite these factors, Disney World still remains to be a very popular summer destination, likely because it’s difficult for many to travel during the school year. So, how to make it bearable? Here are a few tips and things to consider as you plan your summer getaway!

1. Be Prepared

Being physically and mentally prepared for bearing the hot weather is a must. There are plenty of nifty gadgets on the market that allow you to keep cool on the go. Some of my favorites are cooling towels, hands free neck fans, stroller fans, and an insulated water bottle. Also, don’t forget ponchos and a waterproof stroller cover! Nearly every day during the summer, right after lunch, you can count on rain, and lots of it! Outdoor attractions often shut down if there’s thunder/lightning or it’s unsafe for them to run in the rain, but the majority of indoor attractions will still be available. Pull on that poncho and keep going!
When we took a four day vacation to Disney World in July, with three young kids, we relied heavily on the stroller fan and handheld fans. Having water bottles that keep your water cold for long periods of time is also helpful, as a cool drink of water is much more satisfying than a warm one!

2. Have a plan

It’s also important to do your homework before you go, and have a PLAN. (Hello ConciEARS!) Create an ordered list of the attractions you want to hit, and schedule breaks. Also keep in mind that the majority of queue lines are air conditioned, so rather than trek across the park for 15 minutes to avoid a 45 minute wait, you may want to consider doing the nearest attraction next. Standing in an air conditioned line for a while is a lot easier than running from ride to ride! Also make sure you are methodical about deciding which park to do which day based on crowd predictions – weekends are always going to be busy during the summer. If your schedule allows, take the weekends to enjoy the pool or relax at your resort. Because summer is peak season, you will likely still be able to enjoy all the same shows, parades, and other special events during the week as you would on the weekend, but with more manageable crowds. This is where having a DIsney Travel Planner is HUGE! WIth no additional cost to you, we can provide you with a detailed plan catered to your group’s needs for each day of your trip!

3. Manage your expectations

You must go with the mindset that it will be hot, and it will be crowded. Get comfortable with being slightly UNcomfortable all day – you’re going to be sweaty and stinky. Embrace it! By being prepared and having a solid plan though, all you’ll really have to worry about is making sure you keep that sunscreen applied regularly and that your trail mix doesn’t melt in your bag! The beautiful thing about summer is that park hours are very long, nearly everything is usually open, and Disney World manages the crowds really well. Take advantage of the early mornings and/or late nights if you can, as crowds are generally less and the temperatures are cooler. Take a break to grab an ice cold drink or Mickey Ice Cream Bar! Be patient, take breaks, and enjoy being at the Happiest Place on Earth!
We would love to help you plan your next Disney vacation! Please reach out to us and we’ll get to work today planning your special trip!


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