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Classic WDW: Peter Pan’s Flight

by | Jan 26, 2022

From Day One at the Magic Kingdom, Fantasyland was ready to greet its guests. Several original attractions remain today as beloved and well-attended parts of the land. Talk about staying power! Peter Pan’s Flight remains a premiere attraction. The ride rests in Fantasyland, just across from it’s a small world, the other original ride. But let’s focus on Peter Pan today!

CC License Image Courtesy of HarshLight on Flickr

This portion of Fantasyland is themed like a medieval faire with colorful tents and signs. As you walk up to the entrance, you will no doubt notice the sign. The title, Peter Pan’s Flight, is set in a could over which the Darling family and Peter soar. Tinker Bell dots the “I” in “Flight” and Big Ben rises behind it all. 

The queue makes your wait significantly easier with its scenery and interactive elements. Pass the exterior of the Darling household in London and then step inside! The children’s nursery features details from the movie like each of the Darling’s beds. John and Michael’s part of the room is messy with toys, clothes, and wooden swords. Wendy’s side of the room is predictably tidy. 

Look for the toy blocks in the nursery part of the queue that spell out “Peter Pan” around the room! A calendar on the wall is marked December 27th, the date of the very first appearance of Peter Pan on stage in 1904.

While you traverse the line through the nursery, make your arms around! Your shadow can trigger effects around the room like releasing Tinker Bell from a cage. She flits about the room, moving pictures, ringing bells, rocking toys, and sprinkling everybody in line with pixie dust. There is an awful lot to see before you ever get onto the ride!

CC License Image Courtesy Loren Javier on Flickr

There is obviously way more to see when you get on the ride. Board a pirate ship for your flight to Neverland! Unlike most Disney rides, these vehicles hang from a suspended track. A Cast Member sprinkles a little pixie dust on your lap bar to lower it into place and your ship takes off into London!

Start out in the Darling nursery and then take flight out a window into the night sky. Now it‘s apparent why the track is above you instead of below. Your treat is an unobstructed view of the lights of London far below you! Float past Big Ben and even the Moon before you journey to Neverland.

Once there, relive your favorite scenes from Peter Pan as you glide past scenery. Watch for a fun effect around Captain Hook’s ship. On one side, he and Peter are locked in a tense sword fight on the ship’s mast while the Darlings are tied up. As you come around the corner, your perspective shifts to see a triumphant Peter setting them free. Hook, of course, is desperate to get away from Tick Tock the crocodile.

Our friends at The Supreme Resort compare Peter Pan at WDW against Peter Pan at Disneyland. Which is better?

The experience is a short three and a half minutes, but it remains one of the Magic Kingdom’s most beloved experiences. Maybe it’s because kids of all ages can enjoy this ride with a parent. Maybe it’s because the ride simulates flight in a unique, mild, and safe way that everyone can enjoy. The ride brings out the kid in all of us. That makes it an effective choice to share with our younger generations. Peter Pan’s Flight is destined to stick around for many generations to come.

If you want to give the ride a first, second, or fiftieth look, now is the time! Our ConciEARS are ready to help you design the vacation of your dreams. Give us a call or click into the Chat to connect with us today!



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