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Dine Inside a Movie at Be Our Guest

by | Mar 1, 2021

Walt Disney World food is as fun and entertaining as the attractions. There are so many different restaurants to the point where it may seem overwhelming. The restaurants of Magic Kingdom transport you inside Disney movies and attractions. My absolute favorite is Be Our Guest!
Beauty and the Beast has always been one of my favorites growing up. It was one of the soundtracks I constantly listened to and I passed that fascination to my own children. Back in high school, Beauty and the Beast was one of the musicals they put on. I even tried out for Gaston! Sadly, I didn’t get the part but it was still enjoyable to watch. If there was ever a movie I wanted to be transported into, this would be on my bucket list.

Be Our Guest fulfills that fantasy by taking you into the Beast’s castle with the option of three different dining rooms. The West Wing takes you into the darker part of the castle where the famous rose sits for all to see. The Castle Gallery takes you into the romance of Belle’s private library with large figures of the Beast and Belle dancing. For me the most eye-popping room is the Ballroom. This makes you feel like you are in the movie where the two title characters are dancing with Mrs. Potts singing in the background.
This restaurant is a bit more expensive than others but worth the experience. The food itself is French-inspired cuisine to match the location where the movie is based. My personal favorite meal is the herb-salted pork tenderloin dish with vegetables on the side which will satisfy anyone else who loves meat. I highly recommend the Grey Stuff because as Lumiere states, “It’s delicious!” How I love to quote that line now that I have my own personal experience trying this famous dish myself.

Picture courtesy Disney

Of course there is a fun experience for the kids too. They get to practically create their own meal. They could order mac and cheese with potato wedges and rice with some apple juice to wash it all down. Another option would be pan-seared chicken breast with sauteed zucchini and steamed green beans. For kids this not only gives them a fun atmosphere but also allows for control on what they want in their meals.
I have not even scratched the surface of all the great restaurants within Walt Disney World. Be Our Guest is very popular, so I highly recommend a reservation. Right now you can make your reservations 60 days in advance of your trip. Be sure to ask your ConciEARS planner about their favorites so that we can help plan your next Disney experience!



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