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Eight-ish Tips for Your Best Disneyland Day with Little Ones!

by | Aug 12, 2022

The debate continues! When should you bring your little ones to Disneyland for the first time? Sure, the youngest might not remember the trip. We hear that all the time. But you’ll remember their reactions to early rides and character meets. And those adorable pictures!

Also, come on. It’s not like you’re going to stay away from Disneyland for more than a few months if possible.

We recently polled our ConciEARS planners who have young children for their best tips on navigating a day at Disneyland with their littles. Here’s hoping one or more can make your next trip a little more memorable!


Magic Kingdom Peter Pan Flight

If you’re doing rope drop, park your stroller by first aid off of Main Street. That way the stroller doesn’t slow you down when you are trying to hit a bunch of rides in the morning.

Also when you rope drop with kids, you rope drop Fantasyland.

Editor’s Note: Naturally! Get Peter Pan’s Flight out of the way while the lines are only 45 minutes!


Involve them in the choice of what to ride next. 

Editor’s Note: This tried-and-true method sometimes results in many watchings of Moana and many rides of the Mad Tea Party.


Use the bathroom before you get in line. 

Don’t wait until you’re near the front of the 90-minute queue to hear, “I need to go potty!”  Also, ask a Cast Member for help.  Sometimes you can come back to the line!

Editor’s Note: And sometimes you can use the Cast Member bathrooms in Smuggler’s Run!

Black Spire Batuu Spira
We don’t have a good picture of a gift card in the parks, but this is totally a gift card.


At the start of the trip, give each kid a Disney gift card of their own loaded with the amount they can spend on treats and/ or souvenirs. We started doing this when the incessant asking of, “Can I get a treat now?” and, “Oooh, I want this little bracelet and purse!” became increasingly irritating!! It allowed them to choose what they wanted, when they wanted it, and took the negotiations with Mom and Dad off the table. Since gift cards are free, we got them each one for each day we were there, and they looked forward to it every morning.

Editor’s Note: The cards are free, but you do have to pay money to load them. Check out the metal cards in Galaxy’s Edge for a little extra fun!

OK, this is a line of ECVs, but you get the idea. Who takes a picture of a ton of strollers anyway?


Tie a bright ribbon around your stroller so you can find it easily

Send the rest of your party to wait in line for a ride while you hang out with the toddler, then join them when they’re close to boarding 

Pack LOTS of snacks 🙂

Editor’s Note: All good tips. There are going to be a lot of folks with the same, exact stroller. But maybe check to see if somebody else’s bag of snacks has something extra in it first….



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