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Five Steps to Prepare for Your First runDisney Event

by | Feb 1, 2020

So you just signed up for your first runDisney race. Now what? Take a look at my five steps to help with your preparation. 

Step 1: Plan Your Travel 

Early mornings are part of the fun!

Race weekends are generally busy times to visit the Disney Parks. It’s a good idea to book your hotel as soon as possible since they fill up quickly. Disney hotels are especially popular since they are either close to the race activities or offer complimentary transportation. We at ConciEARS are ready and willing to help you find your perfect accommodation. 

Step 2: Invest In Good Running Gear

The right pair of running shoes is important to help prevent injury. Before I did my first runDisney race, I visited a running store and was fitted with the right shoes for my feet. I also invested in athletic socks to help keep my feet dry and to avoid blisters. If you get shin splints like I do then I recommend compression socks too. It’s also a good idea to wear breathable material like a dry fit shirt. Disney usually provides one with your entry fee. 

The fireworks go off it’s time to run!

Step 3: Consult a Friend or Trainer

Even if you are building your own training plan, it’s a good idea to seek advice from experienced runners. Trainers can help you set goals so you can build stamina for race day. I personally spoke with friends who had participated in previous runDisney races and then formed my own training plan that I executed over about a six month period. 

Your shiny reward awaits!

Step 4: Create a Training Plan and Stick With It 

It’s important to not push yourself too fast when training for a race. Pace yourself and set attainable goals. I went from having not run in years to taking on a half marathon for my first runDisney event. I started with running one mile and worked my way to ten by the end of my training period. 

Step 5: Prep the Day Before

Make sure to hydrate, get plenty of rest, and carb load at dinner the day before the race. I was advised to not run at all the week before the event so I wouldn’t start the race sore. It was good advice and I’m glad I took it. 

No matter what tips you decide to follow, make sure you have fun! Even if you’ve run races before, you haven’t run one quite like this. Disney races are truly magical experiences.