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Galaxy’s Edge – Dining on Batuu

by | Aug 25, 2019

Galaxy’s Edge is truly a sight to behold! Disney has definitely pulled out all the stops to make you feel like you have left Earth and entered a planet worthy of being in a galaxy far far away. Smugglers Run and the soon-to-open Rise of the Resistance are wonderful attractions that put you right into the action and you can build your own lightsaber or personal droid, but it’s the food that really makes everything come full circle. The dining in Galaxy’s Edge is a must for any foodie, as Disney chefs created meals you will believe would come from another galaxy!

Which milk will you have first?

Most of us fans have dreamed about tasting the infamous Blue Milk ever since it debuted in A New Hope, as well as the recent Green Milk which was first shown in The Last Jedi. Well dream no more! The Milk Stand in Galaxy’s Edge gives you the option of trying both! Both flavors are created from a plant-based dairy blend of coconut and rice milk. Blue Milk adds alluring fruity characteristics while the Green Milk adds zippy citrus with tropical characteristics. Personally, I preferred the Blue Milk, as it’s been a dream of mine to try this drink ever since the Original Trilogy. The fruity flavors do not disappoint. If anyone is looking for an adult twist to their milk, for an additional cost the Milk Stand offers Bacardi Rum into the Blue Milk mix while those enjoying Green Milk can add Corazon Blanco Tequila. Sorry, Disneyland visitors. These add-ins are only available in Hollywood Studios!

Ronto Roasters – for that old-fashioned, engine-roasted flavor

One of the new quick-service establishments is Ronto Roasters. Using an old pod racer engine like those seen in The Phantom Menace, a pit master droid turns a mechanical spit to cook the meat to perfection. The restaurant is best known for its delicious Ronto Wraps. This delicious treat comes in two kinds. For breakfast you can get scrambled eggs, grilled sausage, cheddar, and peppercorn sauce all wrapped in a pita bread roll. For lunch and dinner, the Ronto Wrap has a variety of yummy meats all wrapped up with roasted pork, grilled sausage, peppercorn sauce, and a tangy slaw. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to treat yourself to an intergalactic meal!

Fried Endorian Tip-Yip

Another place you cannot miss is Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo. Disney Imagineers refurbished a hanger bay into a quick-service establishment using shipping containers as seats. Guests can get their food out of big cargo holds that are truly out of this world. This is where I believe the Disney chefs truly shine, as they took everyday items like chicken, beef, and pork, and created dishes that look like something you would find being consumed within the

Smoked Kaadu Ribs

Star Wars universe. Items like Braised Shaak Roast, Smoked Kaadu Ribs, and Fried Endorian Tip-Yip will satisfy taste buds yearning for a food from a galaxy far far away. These items are also available to preorder on the Disney App, giving guests the option to order their food ahead of time. Enjoy more of the scenery instead of worrying about waiting in line! Be on your guard, though, because First Order Stormtroopers may enter the premises looking for Resistance spies. How is your Jedi Mind Trick?

Oga’s Cantina has a variety of interesting concoctions

If you desire more of a cantina environment like the one we all love on Tatooine, you cannot miss out on one of the highlights to Galaxy’s Edge: Oga’s Cantina. Reservations are highly recommended. Disneyland allows reservations to be made 14 days in advance, and Walt Disney World allows reservations 180 days in advance, just like most Walt Disney World restaurant reservations. Whether you are a seasoned Jedi, a padawan, or a youngling, the cantina experience offers exotic drinks from across the galaxy for all to enjoy. From alcoholic to non-alcoholic drinks, you will truly feel immersed in the Star Wars universe. As you take in the details of your surroundings and enjoy your refreshments, you will also find a familiar robotic face: Disney reformatted the former Star Tours pilot, Rex, to be the local DJ, providing entertaining tunes during your visit.

With so much to enjoy from drinks to dining, why would you wait to experience the many places to enjoy at Galaxy’s Edge? Be sure to contact your vacation planners at ConciEARS to voyage to a galaxy far far away!