Introducing our newest ConciEAR Bryce!

by | Oct 12, 2020

Hello everyone! I’m Bryce, the newest member of the ConciEARS team and I’m thrilled to help make your Disney Vacation dreams a reality. The team of travel planners at ConciEARS is second to none when it comes to service so joining the ranks is a big honor! As well as travel planning, you can expect to see me keeping you up to date on all things Disney Parks. I can’t wait to meet you!

Disney and Disney Parks have been an obsession for me sense I was young. In fact, my first memory is being terrified on Star Tours when it opened. I would bring home park maps and study every detail until I could visit again and it never came soon enough! Like we all do, my family and I would plan our next trip and hammer out all the details over coffee. That’s half of the fun right? In the early 2000’s family Disney trips became fairly frequent. Don’t we all love early 2000’s California Adventure?

I remember for a special occasion getting to stay at the Disneyland Hotel and being blown away by the detail in the resort. Eventually I found my way from Seattle to Southern California so I didn’t have to wait so long between visits. My first task as a Californian? Buy an Annual pass of course! Now I like to try to experience everything new at Disneyland and it’s hard! Seems that every day there is a new treat to eat or show to watch. With my background in food and beverage I get excited to try all of the tasty offerings!

My first time traveling to Walt Disney World was overwhelming! Where to stay, how to get there? Where to eat?! I wish ConciEARS was around back then. Over several visits, I learned the ins and outs. I especially enjoyed everything Animal Kingdom Lodge and all their fantastic restaurants! Eating around the world is also a must when at Epcot.

Jazz music is the only obsession that rivals Disney in my book. Playing the trombone since I was in grade school, I was very honored to meet and eventually play with some of the Disney jazz greats. The Firehouse Five Plus Two was a jazz band led by animator and best friend to Walt, Ward Kimball. Ward, a fellow trombonist, auditioned and hired my late friend George Probert to play saxophone. Fast forward a few decades and the then skinny and still nerdy Bryce was invited to teach music with George. Eventually I found myself playing along side George in his band. I’m sure during my time I asked him enough questions about early Disneyland to make him reconsider, but he was happy to talk about the park, Ward, and Walt.

I could not be more excited to join the ConciEARS team. We are dedicated to giving you and your family the best Disney Experience possible. With parks expanding and new things on the horizon there is so much to explore. We would love to help along the way.

Are you ready to start planning your next Disney trip? Reach Bryce directly to start planning! Email him at Let’s work on your family’s next trip together!




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