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Island Fun Outside Disney’s Aulani

by | Jun 21, 2021

A trip to Disney’s Aulani Resort & Spa might just be your definition of paradise. You might even want to prepare with a few movies before you head across the Pacific. After all, the resort on the Hawaiian island of O‘ahu is packed with restaurants, pools, and interactions with your favorite Disney characters. If your family wants to spend even more time in Hawai’i, you may just need a little time away from the resort to enjoy some extra adventures.

I know. Time away from a Disney resort? Trust me! Even seasoned Hawai’i travelers can benefit from an excursion or two. O’ahu has plenty to offer!

Zip Line Adventures

Coral Crater Adventure Park is located on the southwest corner of the island, not far from Aulani. This area was once a quarry, now a lush land surrounded by trees. Multiple zip line tour adventures guide you through the park, providing a speedy look through the natural beauty of the island.

Those who want to spend a little more time exploring can head to the north side of the island for a 3-hour tour through zip lines at Keana Farms. One of the eight zip lines on your tour takes you on a half-mile trip over beaches and farms!
The Kualoa Ranch on the east side of the island offers a bit of adventure with some relaxation. A treetop tour in the morning across multiple zip lines ends with a few hours on the beach for kayaking, volleyball, boat rides, or just a bit of time on the sand. It’s a great option for those who don’t need a full day of adrenaline!

Straight Up Tours

Many of the adventures around the island feature the scenic beauty without the need to climb, rappel, and zip along cables. One of the most comprehensive trips guides your group around all of the sights, from Honolulu to the Dole Plantation itself! The Majestic Circle Island Tour focuses on some of the most impressive natural scenery of the windward or east side of the island. Enjoy landmarks and sites of historic battles. Discover waterfalls and tropical flora. Round out your day at the Dole Plantation and enjoy a cool Dole Whip with the freshest pineapple you will ever taste!
Several helicopter tours allow you to experience the majesty of this paradise from above. Take a one-hour trip around the entire island to get a glimpse of destinations you can visit later on your trip. Take a quick hop over to Kaua’i Island for a tour of its iconic film locations seen in Pirates of the Caribbean, Jurassic Park, and Lilo & Stitch (OK, so the last one is animated. It was still inspired by Kilauea Lighthouse Overlook, a real place.)
Those who want a bit of more recent history can explore multiple excursions to Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickham. One of the best tours departs directly from your resort. An expert guide takes your group through the history of the base and its significance before and through World War II. Explore the memorials and pay tribute to the lives lost during this pivotal moment in history.

So Many More Moments!

Picture Courtesy Disney

There are almost too many opportunities branching from your Aulani visit! Almost every bay and park offers training in a variety of experiences. Children and adults can learn to surf in legendary waters. Kayaking adventures bring you closer to tiny, untouched islands. Take a swim with dolphins and other sea life. Relax on a catamaran on the ocean.
Every trip to Hawai’i’s Aulani Resort and Spa can be as much or as little as you want! Work with your personal ConciEARS travel planner to find the right mix for your trip. If you are ready, paradise is waiting for you!



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