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It’s All About the runDisney Bling

by | Mar 1, 2020

Ask any runner why they do what they push themselves to move long distances and you will get a variety of answers. Some have an inspiration to get healthy or represent a loved one who can’t. Some love the challenge while others just want to say they did it. Disney runs are a bit more complicated, because there are so many opportunities to have unique experiences like running through the Parks or meeting your favorite characters along the way. And don’t forget the medals.

Disney people enjoying their spoils.

Race medals are always a good bonus for those who like to run distance. Disney takes the medal game and blows off the roof. Each race boasts a distinct theme and all of the medals match it. Medals are fairly heavy and well-crafted. High-quality lacquered colors adorn each, but the metal itself shines through. Lately, Disney has taken to adding in some spinning elements that are fun and give the medals some more action. And noise.

Seriously. Walk behind somebody who just finished a Challenge and listen to the distinctive clink.

What’s a Challenge? Well, if there’s only one thing Disney’s does better than anyone, I would argue it’s convincing you to part with more money than you first intended.

A real person enjoying her spoils!

You have likely seen that runDisney races offer several options for their run distances. Most events will have a 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon distance. Once a year, Disney World hosts the Marathon weekend with those three aforementioned races plus a full Marathon distance.

Say you’re a crazy person who likes running and is somewhat open to doing something reckless. Disney has just the thing to push you over the edge: more medals. On most run weekends, there is a challenge option that can multiply your medal madness. Want to run the 10K on Saturday and the Half on Sunday? You can get medals for each, of course, but if you register for the Challenge, you also get a bonus medal decrying your running expertise.

See how that works? Sign up for both runs at the same time and you get extra medals. And an extra shirt and the admiration of your fellow runners, but I’m writing a post about bling, aren’t I? You can gain that admiration by walking around the Parks wearing three medals at once! That’ll show ‘em! Whoever they are!

There are those who have made their voices known, tweeting out their dissatisfaction about the ever-increasing size of runDisney medals. To them I say nay! As the medals grow closer in size to dinner plates, so too does your sense of satisfaction in completing a race. Wear those medals to the Parks the same day and the next, not caring a whit for the jealousy in the eyes of your fellow park-goers.

Far too many medals for one race, right?

If you need help recuperating between the grueling levels of running, this is unfortunately not the post for you. Scot put up a great post a few weeks back about resting and celebrating. Check it out! For my part, I just want you to see all of the great work that went into creating these medals and realize that your wall at home and at work is not complete without them.

The next time you sign up for a runDisney event, why not sign up for more than one? This whole scene gets out of hand quickly, but every run is worth it. If you need a hand picking and choosing, please give one of our ConciEARS planners a call! We are more than happy to extend your running experience over multiple days. See you out on the course!