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Just What Have Your ConciEARS Been Up To?

by | Sep 12, 2020

Picture Courtesy Disney

What do your ConciEARS travel planners do when there are no Disney parks open? What are they most looking forward to now that we can go back?

Here we investigate the goings-on of your favorite ConciEARS planners and their activity during the last few months. It’s a quick glance at our activity for the last few months and also at those places we most long to visit. Thanks for coming along with us on this, our newest journey. Times may be different than they were a few months ago, but we all go on, interested in a great big beautiful tomorrow. Join us!


Over the last few months I’ve been re-watching a lot of favorites from my childhood on Disney+ including Recess, The Proud Family, Boy Meets World, and Disney Channel Original Movies. Aside from that, I’ve been preparing for my baby Mouseketeer due early next year. I’m most looking forward to bringing my little girl to the Disney Parks on my first visit back.


Picture Courtesy Disney

I have been moving as my wife exits the military. We are finally able to set down some roots! What I am most excited about is enjoying a chance to get away and relax at one of the resorts. Just being in the Disney environment will bring such a feeling of normalcy which is badly needed for me. Of course, I can’t wait to get my first ride on Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway!


On the Disney side, we have been introducing my two-and-a-half year old son to the classics like Lion King, Robin Hood, Oliver & Company, and Mary Poppins just to name a few. We also have been reading a lot of his Disney books we have including Winnie the Pooh, Lion King, and Mickey Mouse stories plus many more. My son often requests my wife to sing Disney songs. He says, “Colors” (Colors of the Wind), “Ariel” (Part of Your World), “Medicine Go Down” (Spoonful of Sugar) and many more. What I am looking forward the most about going back to the parks is making new memories with my kids. With my son being older I am excited for the next time he sees his favorite characters in person.


I’ve been keeping busy trying to occupy my three wild boys without any of our usual playgrounds, sports, or places to go here in Washington. Now I’m buckling down to figure out homeschool and remote learning! I daydream every day of Disneyland re-opening and can’t wait to visit again. All I want to do is walk down Main Street USA and eat a Dole Whip overlooking the Rivers of America. 🙂


I keep myself busy reading books and listening to podcasts about Disney. ConciEARS continues its partnership with ,,Celebrations Press and I contribute an article or two every month. I also joined a Disney podcast called ,,The Supreme Resort! We compare similar rides and attractions between Disneyland and Disney World. I guess I found plenty to do! I can’t wait to visit Epcot and see the new pylons in place in front of Spaceship Earth. I have vague memories of the original park entrance, but I really want to see this new progress in my favorite park.

Of course, now that the parks have been open for a while, people have seen how safe Disney keeps its guests. We have our hands full, rebooking old trips that were canceled and putting together new vacations. If your family is ready for some Disney magic, let us know. We would love to find the perfect vacation for you!