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Meet Lindsey – Our Newest ConciEAR

by | Feb 9, 2023

Hi everybody!  I’m Lindsey, and I’m so happy to finally announce my position as a Disney Travel Planner with ConciEARS.  This job is literally a dream come true!  But first, some backstory… 

I grew up in the lowcountry of Georgia, and my family made trips to Disney World on a regular basis.  My earliest memories are of staying in the Contemporary Resort and marveling at the monorail going through the building.  My mind was blown.  From there, I fell in love with every aspect of The Happiest Place on Earth. 

After college I moved to Florida for a “gap year” before starting law school, and of course I got an Annual Pass, so I was at the parks every chance I got!  Walt Disney World has undergone constant change and growth since that time, for better and worse (I might have cried heartily when they closed Maelstrom), but the magic is constant.  Disney, whether in a theme park, on a cruise ship, or at one of the resorts, allows you to fully embrace the little kid inside of you that believes wholeheartedly in magic and the inherent goodness of people.

I think my favorite part of visiting the Disney parks now is going with my youngest daughter.  She is 9, and growing up faster than I’d like to believe, but she embodies that pure spirit and nothing brings out the wonder in her eyes like Disney.  Looking back at pictures to write this introductory blog post, I could literally watch my daughter grow up before my eyes.  We have gone from being terrified by characters to loving them, ridden our first rollercoasters, and a ton of other “firsts” at Disney World parks.  That said, I would be remiss to not mention that I also impress my Disney love on other unsuspecting family members.  In June of 2021, my husband proposed in front of the castle, and a year later we spent part of our honeymoon on the beautiful island of Oahu exploring the Disney resort, Aulani!

I also love cruising and general travel, and will gladly go anywhere people want to send me, but because I have visited the Florida parks so much, I’m somewhat of an “expert” among my friends and family, especially for budget trips or holiday-time trips, as Halloween and Christmas are my favorite times to go to WDW.  I have spent years of my life planning trips and giving travel advice, specifically for Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise Line, and one day at the pool, a fellow ConciEAR (Jimmy Hunt) asked if I wanted to come on board as an actual, real-life girl…I mean travel planner!

I’m so excited about joining this group!  I love helping people plan their trips (it allows me to live vicariously through you, since I can’t actually be in WDW every day!) and I have a wealth of knowledge to tailor your trip to your needs and desires, including firsthand experiences with WDW, Disney Cruise Line, Aulani, and RunDisney.  I look forward to making your vacation as magical as possible. Contact me today! lfronzak@conciears.com.


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