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Meet Michelle! Your Newest ConciEAR

by | Feb 24, 2022

A ConciEAR’s training starts early!

Was I destined to be a Disney fanatic from the time of toddler-hood?

Was I born to plan magical trips for friends & family? 

Is there a more enjoyable job than that of a ConciEARS Travel Planner?!?!

Yes, yes, and NO!

My name is Michelle Morse and I am excited to announce that I am officially a Disney Travel Planner for ConciEARS! I am eager and excited to begin helping clients plan the most wonderful, memory-filled trips possible. To give you a sense of why I’m the right gal for the job, here’s a little backstory…

Walt and Raul

My great-grandfather, Raul Grisanti, became a close personal friend of Walt Disney in the late 1940’s. How this friendship was struck is still an urban family myth, but we do know that it led to Walt asking my great-grandfather to manage many of the eating establishments throughout Disneyland. As a result of that request, my grandparents, father, aunts, and uncles were able to experience the joy of Disneyland as early as July 17, 1955! My father has fond memories of going often throughout the years and being able to reach in “Grandpa’s desk drawer” to pull out all of the ticket books his heart desired! Later on down the road, my parents felt compelled to raise my sister and me in a Disney-loving environment, putting great importance on annual trips to the Magic Kingdom. Even when we moved out of California to Washington state, those traditions continued. A road trip just wasn’t a road trip if it didn’t end at Disneyland!

Over the years, this familial love of Disneyland has passed on to new members. When I married my husband in 2000, he quickly learned that Disney trips would be a reoccurring topic in our household. We took our first daughter to Disneyland in 2005 when she was just a year old, and continued the tradition with our 2nd daughter a few years later. Princess dresses have been worn down to the threads, the Bibiddi Bobbidi Boutique has provided the royal treatment many times, and Space Mountain has simultaneously thrilled both the bravest 5-year-old and most timid 30-year-old. Birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries have all been celebrated in Disney style. Sometimes it’s been a large extended family trip that spanned various ages (and interests!), while other trips have been quick getaways with just a couple of people. We’ve even ventured to the east coast to enjoy Walt Disney World a couple of times. We found the new experiences exciting and the similar experiences endearing. Regardless of the occasion or participants involved, we always made memories that we savor even to this day.

About 2 years ago, right around the time we thought we were almost fully out of the “Fantasyland” stage, we found out we were expecting a little prince – SURPRISE! We now have a little 1-year-old boy who has no idea what kind of Disney fun he has in store for him! I find myself in this wonderful, unique place in life that allows me to redo the things I loved doing in the past (and to steer clear of those things that didn’t work so well ?). Of all the memories that I made over the years with my daughters, the Disney-related ones are the most treasured. I have loved introducing my older daughters to Disney over the last 17 years, and I look forward to the next 17 when I can involve my son in the magic!

Now it’s time to share my knowledge and love of Disney with YOU! The Disney name can simultaneously be synonymous with words like funmagical, and overwhelming. My hope is to be able to work with you and alleviate that last adjective in all of your future Disney travels. As your ConciEAR, I look forward to being able to help guide your journeys with both my hindsight experience and my anticipation of new things to come. It will be my pleasure to chat with you, familiarize myself with your interests and vacation goals, and take care of ALL of the details so that you can focus on the fun you will have and the memories you will make! I know firsthand how precious those older memories become as the years go by, and I know I wouldn’t do it any differently moving forward!

Let me do the work of Planning the Disney Details so that you can focus on the job of enjoying and making memories in some of the happiest places on earth!


  1. Melanie Ryder

    So excited for your new adventure. I foo am a big Disney fan. It started with my grandparents, to working at the Disney Store, taking groups to Florida while I was teaching and now to my own kids. Planning a mother/son trip now. Would love to chat.

  2. Jennifer

    I didn’t realize you had THAT kind of connection with Disney. So cool!

  3. Sheffany Roberts

    Michelle Morse, a treasured friend of mine since 1998, is the most efficient and talented planner I have ever known in my life! I used to keep track of her travels and outings and could tell you what trip they took for each of their anniversaries. She is always planning, always bringing fun and adventure and living her best life in the now as well as making sure it’s planned for the future! You would do right for yourself to have her introduce you to whole new world and plan your adventures with you!


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