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Review: All Enchanting Ears

by | Nov 19, 2020

I first heard about All Enchanting Ears on the DL Weekly Podcast (of which I am the Voice, don’t you know?). Great people producing high quality products by hand. A family company dedicated to Disney, one of the best fandoms around!

Too bad I didn’t have an immediate need for ears.
Flash forward a few months later, and I am a convert! As the landscape of park-going and Disney fandom changed, so too did the folks at All Enchanting Ears. High quality fabric is the name of the game in the ears industry, so they were perfectly poised to begin making Disney masks.That’s where I came in. As my trip to Walt Disney World approached, it became clear that I needed to up my mask game. Not just in quantity, but in Disney style! It was finally time to move beyond the small world of business-appropriate masks to fun ones.

The masks from All Enchanting Ears are made of durable cloth in two layers. The elastic ear loops are stretchy and comfortable, but you can also get yourself some ear savers. The company prints these in flexible plastic with a great Mickey design worked in.
After a bit of face measurement, I was easily able to select mask sizes for me and my wife. The store’s instructions were clear. We placed our order and just for fun, added in a plastic printed version of the plaque that leads onto Main Street. You know the one. (If you don’t, there’s a picture right there.)
The problem with All Enchanting Ears? Choices! I knew I needed at least one amazing design per day for our trip. This became such a problem, that I had to pay to expedite our order. The fabric designs these folks use are incredible. In a park full of people wearing fun masks, my wife and I received compliments every day on our masks.

The fabric is dense enough to actually do something, but is comfortable and breathable. In the Florida heat, we never had to worry about swapping out a fresh mask due to sweat, bad breath, or Splash Mountain water. Everything fit perfectly.
Best of all, there’s no need for fancy washing modes or ironing! We have all worn a mask that looked wrinkled and useless. The masks from All Enchanting Ears come out of the dryer in perfect shape, ready for wear. This was an unexpected surprise.
In all, I loved everything I purchased from All Enchanting Ears. Even the plaque replica which now resides over my office door! As a family-owned business, they have a great product with extremely high levels of customer service. Kind of like my favorite travel planners!

If you want to take the plunge, All Enchanting Ears is ready to take your order today through their Etsy store. Give them a look! I hear they even sell ear headbands and hats.
If you book a trip through ConciEARS, you can also receive a gift card for your own set of ears, masks, or other 3D printed treasures! When you book, just say that All Enchanting Ears sent you, and our planners will hook you up. Let’s get planning, everybody!



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