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The Difference Between Disney Cruise Line Ships

by | Mar 21, 2024

There are currently 5 ships in the Disney Cruise Line Fleet: the (1) Disney Magic, (2) Disney Wonder, (3)
Disney Dream, (4) Disney Fantasy and (5) Disney Wish. Each one has its own unique deck plans, designs, restaurants, entertainment, clubs AND pools on board to make every voyage a magical experience!

But with all these options, it can be overwhelming to distinguish between the different
ships – so we are going to break down the easiest way to tell between all the ships in the Disney Cruise
Line Fleet! There are a few insider ways to tell the difference between Disney Cruise Line ships just by looking at them, and we’ll teach you how.

Each DCL ship has a special character in a medallion image on the front of the ship (called the
bow), a unique character statue in the Grand Hall and a character figure painting on the back of the ship
(aka the stern)! Plus, another easy way to tell the ships apart is by the water slides you can see from shore.

Let’s dive into these easy ways to identify a ship before you’re on it!

Disney Magic

The Disney Magic launched in 1997 and was the first ship in Disney’s fleet, creating the flagship look for “Mickey Mouse Yellow” lifeboats and two red funnels with the DCL emblem on them (white Mickey with three blue waves)!
✨ Bow Character: Sorcerer Mickey
✨ Grand Hall Character: Helmsman Mickey
✨ Stern Character: Goofy
✨ Water Slide: The AquaDunk is a slide that can ONLY be found on the Disney Magic — it plunges
THREE stories! It is a red and blue slide that is between the two red funnels in the middle
of the Ship (also called the ‘midship’). Additionally, the AquaLab slide can be seen on the aft (back section) of the ship. It is yellow with some loops and quick turns.

Disney Wonder

The Disney Wonder, sister ship to Disney Magic, entered service in 1999 and features Art Nouveau design touches. This ship typically sails North American itineraries on the west coast, to destinations like Alaska and Mexico.
✨ Bow Character: Steamboat Willie Mickey
✨ Grand Hall Character: Ariel
✨ Stern Character: Donald, Huey, Dewey, and Louie
✨ Water Slide: The AquaLab slide can be seen on the aft (back section) of the ship! It is yellow with
some loops and quick turns.

Disney Dream

The Disney Dream is the first of the “Dream Class” of ships and entered service in 2011. Disney Dream currently sails Bahamian and Western Caribbean itineraries, along with European sailings across the Atlantic!
✨ Bow Character: Captain Mickey
✨ Grand Hall Character: Admiral Donald
✨ Stern Character: Sorcerer Mickey
✨ Water Slide: The AquaDuck is the first “water coaster at sea” — a 765-foot-long, white and see-through tube water slide that winds over the edge of the ship and through the forward funnel.

Disney Fantasy

Sister to Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy launched in 2012 sailing primarily Bahamian and Caribbean itineraries. It is almost identical to Dream except for these features:
✨ Bow Character: Sorcerer Mickey
✨ Grand Hall Character: Mademoiselle Minnie
✨ Stern Character: Dumbo and Timothy Q. Mouse
✨ Water Slide: Disney Fantasy has an AquaDuck slide (running the length of the pool deck, up high) AND an AquaLab slide on the aft (back section) of the ship.

Disney Wish

The Disney Wish is currently Disney’s newest ship at sea, the largest in the fleet with a capacity of over 4,000 guests. It also features the world’s first “attraction at sea.”
✨ Bow: Captain Minnie
✨ Grand Hall Character: Cinderella, Jaq, Gus, and Lucifer
✨ Stern Character: Rapunzel and Pascal
✨ Water Slide: The AquaMouse is the first-ever Disney attraction at sea! Similar in structure to the AquaDuck, this slide also features animated scenes and special effects as you splash through adventures from The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse.

Coming Soon: Disney Treasure

Sister ship of the Disney Wish but with all-new lounges and amenities, the Disney Treasure will set sail in December 2025. Here’s what we already know about this eagerly-awaited ship:
✨ Bow: Voyager Minnie
✨ Grand Hall Character: Aladdin and Jasmin
✨ Stern Character: Peter Pan and Captain Hook
✨ Water Slide: The AquaMouse attraction will be added to Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship, but
with a brand-new storyline for Mickey and Minnie!

No matter which ship you’re on, some things stay the same. Every ship offers rotational dining, so you will dine at a different restaurant each night of your vacation. You can also enjoy fireworks at sea (a Disney Cruise Line industry first), plus fun themed nights like Pirate Night or Frozen night with a unique deck show and special menu. And don’t forget, each of the Disney Cruise Line ships has at least three different pools AND a kid’s water play area!

For more details about each Disney Cruise Line Ship or to get pricing information, contact a ConciEARS Travel Planner today!



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