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This is Your Sign to Book a Disney Cruise!

by | Sep 23, 2022

Captain Mickey
Captain Mickey awaits your arrival!

Nothing can prepare you for the spectacular experience of a Disney Cruise. As your driver pulls up to the port, there she stands waiting for everyone to board and glistening in the Florida sun: the Disney Fantasy.

Once onboard, the magic never ends. Upon entry to the atrium, Captain Mickey is there waiting to greet everyone arriving on his ship. Cast members make the entrance even more grand by announcing your family’s name.

Before being granted access to the room, you need to learn ship safety. Something that will make you feel extremely safe is witnessing the cast members practice their drills any time you are docked.

Cruise bed towels

Something to note is how much the cruise loves to celebrate special occasions. Sailing on the cruise for your honeymoon? You can expect “Happy Honeymoon,” written with chocolates, rose petals, and towel swans on the bed. Maybe even a special card from the captain himself thanking you and your significant other for choosing the cruise as your place to celebrate! They really go all out to make sure you and your family have an amazing time.

Before settling in and exploring the ship, be sure to decorate your door! One of my favorite things to do is walk the halls and see everyone’s decorations. Birthdays, honeymoons, families just adding another cruise to their bank, everyone has something to celebrate!

Ok enough about settling in, let’s get to the fun stuff! There’s an endless amount of things to do while aboard the ship. I won’t give it all away, but here are some highlights:

  • Mini golf
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Bingo
  • Trivia
  • Crafts

The list goes on!

Before setting sail, everyone is directed to download the Disney Cruise Line app because that is, well, your life line. The daily itinerary for all activities, dining time for dinner, shows, adults only activities; everything is found on this app. Need to contact a cast member? Use the app! Want to contact a friend on the ship without cell service? Use the app!

The best way to experience everything aboard is to simply walk the ship. You never know who you’ll run into! A mouse perhaps on his way to steer us to shore? Or a princess looking for her glass slipper. Get your bearings for where all the dining locations are so you don’t get lost on your way to eat. But have no fear, cast members will always guide you in the right direction!

If I haven’t convinced you yet to book a cruise, then let’s dive into my favorite part: the food! Each evening your group will have what’s called rotating dining meaning you’ll visit a different restaurant until you’ve done them all, and for those on longer cruises, it will repeat again. Depending on your ship, you’ll experience cuisine from all over the world. Picky eaters in your group? No worries! They’ve got options for everyone including vegan and vegetarian. Babies onboard? The chef will prep food for your little one as well! For anyone who is craving something sweet, be sure to locate the ice cream parlor by the pool! They have soft serve ice cream to satisfy that sweet tooth.

You can board a cruise to so many different locations! Depending on where you go, the list of activities to do at your ports are endless! 

A Disney Cruise is for the true Disney fan who needs to win every trivia contest and for the fan who just wants to relax by the pool.  Whether you are looking to sail away for 3 days or 8 days, to Alaska or the Bahamas, book your cruise with Conciears.  They take care of EVERYTHING and I mean everything!  Don’t feel like doing all the dining plans and excursion plans?  Leave that to the experts and they will take care of it all! All you need to do is enjoy your vacation and soak in the memories you are about to make.

Sarah Cruise


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  1. Diane Resende

    Awesomr article!! Great tips and insight to taking a Disney cruise, especially for first timers. Almost felt like we were there with you. Thanks for taking all of us on this cruise journey with you.


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