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Updates Coming to Jungle Cruises!

by | Jan 25, 2021

We all know and love the Jungle Cruise. This classic attraction has existed on both coasts since the beginning of both Disneyland and Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Countless river adventurers have departed the safe shores of Adventureland to brave the unknown with somewhat dubious guidance from their assigned Skipper.

Picture Courtesy Disney

That stated, it’s exciting to see a new take on the classic attraction. The Disney Parks Blog released a statement yesterday giving some bin hints to a major reconstruction that is about to happen in both American iterations of this ride. Our adventures on the rivers of the world have always been driven by intrepid and punny skippers, but now we get to witness what happens when one of these trips goes wrong.
According to former skipper and current Imagineer Kevin Lively, we are about to see an infusion of story into this classic. The new story will feature a lost expedition on the rivers. Chimpanzees will have a great time digging through the ruins of the grounded tour boat. One of our favorite scenes on the ride will be transformed, pitting a group of diverse explorers against an angry rhino! There will even be an animatronic Skipper along the way.
We’re sure there will be a surplus of new puns and groany jokes along the way, but this looks to be a great change-up to the ride. There have been changes over the years, and neither park has a true rendition of its original attraction. More than just an update to go along with the changing times, this will be a true addition; a plus-up that aims to add story while drawing our attention to the true stars of this show, the Skippers!

Picture Courtesy Disney

There is no posted timeline on this new update, but Disneyland’s rendition could be underway even now. We’ll have to wait and see. No matter when this new addition takes place, it’s great to see some attention called to our skipper friends. We can’t wait to take another ride on the rivers of Adventureland!
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