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What’s Your Dis-Enneagram?

by | Sep 18, 2022

Disney trips chock-full of family and friends can be one of the most memorable, fulfilling vacations out there! The pictures that are captured, the core memories that are cemented in the minds of young and old alike…they’re all a result of participating in the same activities at the same time. While the end result is most assuredly worth the initial effort (in this Disney-lover’s humble opinion), it can be difficult convincing all the members of the group to take the Disney plunge!

The Enneagram system, which assesses and describes the nine different personality types that make up the human race, has proven quite effective over the last few years. People that have taken the assessment quiz have become better equipped to walk through life living in their strengths. They know what energizes them, and can steer away from situations that drain them. Each type has specific inclinations, preferences and environments in which they thrive.

In the following paragraphs, I’ve taken the liberty of recommending, based upon a person’s personal Enneagram assessment, what feature of a Disney vacation will bring the most fulfillment to each personality type!

Type One: Cogsworth

Ones are known as the “Perfectionists” – they place a lot of emphasis on following the rules and doing things correctly. The most fulfilling thing a Cogsworth can do when looking towards a Disney trip is plan! Cogsworths will ensure that each group member knows what to pack, and will keep everyone up-to-date on whether they should plan to wear shorts or sweatshirts based on the projected weather forecast. They will learn the My Disney Experience app so intimately that it will be clear, quick-click sailing for all. No procedure will be unknown – no rule will be overlooked. The governances that Disney has in place for all of their guests will bring a Cogsworth a sweet sense of peace and direction.

Type Two: Flik

Twos are known as the “Givers” – they want to be liked and find ways that they can be helpful to others in order to belong. When the toddlers of the group need to go back to the hotel for a short snooze, who do you call? Flik! How do you secure primo viewing for the nighttime fireworks? You send Flik to grab a comfy spot on the curb near the castle roughly 2 hours before the show! The Fliks in a group will enjoy doing whatever they can to enhance the Disney experience for their fellow travelers. The smiling and awe-struck faces around them will be worth the price of admission to them.

Type Three: Lightning McQueen

Disney is the place to see and be seen! There is no amount of distraction that can stop a newly-coiffed princess from being admired as she leaves the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. But mostly, the Threes of your group are going to thrive on a VIP tour of the parks! Since these Lightning McQueens are usually very conscious of their public image, and generally want to be admired by other people, getting polished up and personally escorted to the front of the lines will be worth every single dollar they pay to cruise with a person in plaid . An “Achiever” will feel on top of the world as they roll by fellow rubber-necking park guests. Fun fact – donning dark sunglasses will help keep the question of “Is that someone famous!?” alive in everyone else’s minds throughout the day!

Type Four: Merida

The “Individualists” who come to Disney are usually seeking unique, meaningful experiences. They want to feel deep, authentic emotions while they travel with their loved ones. Just like Merida, they yearn for something more than surface-level experiences. The Fours on the trip would trade all of the hyped-up attractions for one or two moments that speak directly to them. Urge your Meridas to book a tour of Walt’s apartment, or to spend some time eating dinner at a unique table service restaurant. While the rest of your group is running from land to land, Meridas should engage with the resident artist at Animation Academy to learn more about the creative process. At the end of the day, when a Four feels like they are able to tell the tale of a unique adventure, they will appreciate the trip all the more for it.

Type Five: Ludvig Von Drake

Fives are known as “The Investigators” – they seek understanding and knowledge, and are more comfortable with data than other people. You may be wondering how these Ludwig Von Drakes would enjoy a place so full of people? The key here is to allow the Von Drakes of the group ample time to explore the quieter areas of Disney. An afternoon spent in the Animation Academy, or on a tour in the Boudin Bakery, will be water to a Five’s soul. They’ll be able to learn new methods of creating and will spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of crowds. Even a Moment with Mr. Lincoln can provide a Ludwig Von Drake an air-conditioned, informative moment to appreciate the history of this country.

Type Six: Rabbit

A well-secured area and adequate lighting are high on the importance list for the Rabbits of Disney. Enneagram Sixes, also known as the “Skeptics”, are preoccupied with security, seek safety, and like to be prepared for problems. The beauty of a trip to Disney for your Rabbit vacation members is that they can rest easy throughout their time in the parks. They’ll sleep a little better each night knowing that Disney shares their safety and preparedness concerns. It’s evident in the way Disney always has a backup plan when things don’t go quite as expected, and the fact that a security Cast Member is usually only a stone’s throw away from wherever you are on the property. Rabbits can take a well-deserved break and let Disney stand guard for them and their loved ones.

Type Seven: Peter Pan

If type Sevens are Peter Pans, then Disney is their Neverland! The “Enthusiasts” want to have as much fun and adventure as possible. Since they are easily bored, Disney is just the fun-all-the-time fix they crave! There is always something fun to do in Disney – riding the rides, trying new foods, viewing nighttime spectaculars – adventure is out there at every turn. Every Peter Pan that enters Disney gets the green light to “never grow up” for just a little while longer.

Type Eight: Mulan

Give a Mulan a challenge, and she will do all that she can to rise to the occasion. When fatigue has set in and emotions abound, Eights are the folks to call! Known as the “Challengers”, Eights see themselves as strong and powerful and they seek to stand up for what they believe in. So if they believe in the trip as a whole, and the value in being together, they will do whatever it takes to turn troubles into triumphs! They will pull out all the stops to refocus the kids’ attention on the fun to be had. They will find a Quick Service restaurant in the nick of time so that the hangry members don’t lose it! Mulans will find fulfillment in saving the day when needed.

Type Nine: Dory

Nines are known as the “Peacemakers” – they like to go with the flow and let the people around them set the agenda. They are probably one of the easiest traveling companions to have on a Disney trip. Let’s face it – everyone loves a Dory! She just keeps swimming no matter what comes her way, and she can easily turn the messiest of messes into something positive and adventurous! A Dory won’t try and dictate where and when to go – she’ll be happy just living in the moment with the friends she loves. Disney trips are that much sweeter with a Dory in the mix.

*All Enneagram descriptions are taken from Truity.com


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