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Disney’s Most Advanced Parade Yet: Magic Happens!

by | Feb 14, 2020

Walt wanted parades at his park. From the earliest days of Disneyland, parades have been a large part of the entertainment. Some people wait for hours for the best spots to watch Disney’s daily parades. Others see the floats running down Main Street and rush over to see the spectacle. However you like to enjoy your parades, Magic Happens is going to scratch that itch!

Photo Courtesy Disney

Magic Happens is the new parade in Disneyland starting February 28th. The park has been without a parade since Mickey’s Soundsational Parade retired last year. That parade was one of the best in my opinion, but maybe that has a little bit to do with it being the first parade I ever saw in California’s parks. It was a lot of fun, but was basically the same type of parade float we have known for decades. Magic Happens is going to change that formula with the most advanced floats we have ever seen.

Photo Courtesy Disney

Let’s start with the parade’s pedigree, shall we? If I was a singer/songwriter, I would long for a name like Todrick Hall. This former cast member has grown into his role as a Disney songsmith. His compositions stitch together classic Disney tunes with a few new songs for this parade. After all, what is a parade without an energetic score to move things along? The parade’s creative and show directing teams are led by Disney veterans, David Duffy and Jordan Peterson. Music, art, and dance collide as we move into the parade itself!

The parade features nine new floats, designed exclusively for this experience! Each one supports the theme of magic in the lives of some of our favorite characters. For the first time in a Disney parade, floats highlighting the movies Coco and Moana will depict your favorite movie moments. The newest chapter of Anna and Elsa’s journeys is featured on a Frozen 2-themed float. Other magical experiences include Arthur pulling the sword from its stone, Tiana and Naveen transforming from frogs back into humans, and Cinderella’s pumpkin becoming a carriage. Ever wanted to see Sleeping Beauty’s dress turn from pink to blue? This parade has you covered!

Photo Courtesy Disney

This type of transformation is happening throughout the parade. Disney hasn’t made it clear how they plan to pull off some of these changes, but they have a knack for doing the impossible. For now, we can sit back and imagine some of these effects like Coco’s Dante changing from a dog to an alebrije or the shimmering wave that makes up Moana’s float. You don’t want to miss this parade!

Let’s be honest here. “Magic Happens” isn’t the most exciting name out there. But Disney promises to make this one of the best parades ever! Advanced floats with new technology, fresh looks at some of Disney’s new and classic features, and a score written by singer-songwriter-Disney fan Todrick Hall.

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