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Enjoy the Parks in a Whole New Way on Dapper Day!

by | Oct 27, 2019

Back in the early days of the Disneyland Resort it was common to dress up for public occasions, even a nice afternoon at a theme park. Today at the Happiest Place on Earth there are days to dress up fancy referred to as Dapper Day. Though it is not an official Disney event it has grown to be a well known weekend twice a year at Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Disneyland Paris. They also have an outing at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. 

My personal experience with the event has only been at the Disneyland Resort. I’ve attended six Dapper Days during both the fall and the spring. Each Dapper Day has been absolutely delightful and I’ve taken on a different dapper look each time. 

Generally speaking the Disneyland Resort dapper festivities begin with a vintage expo at one of the Disney hotels. My last expo experience included live music, drinks, and all the vintage dresses you could dream of. There was a plethora of accessories and a super cute photo spot. 

The expo lasts the weekend with the main event occurring all day Sunday. On the day of the main event you’re sure to see several guests in old timey attire. Though I’ve mainly seen people in 50s and 60s style attire, I have seen participants celebrate other decades too. In fact the point is just to dress up and not necessarily to pick a certain time period. 

In recent years Disney Bounding has become a massively popular way to attend. Disney Bounding is wearing an outfit that resembles a Disney character. It’s not wearing a costume but instead maybe wearing a dress of like colors to your character of choice. My last Dapper Day I went for a Cinderella inspired look with a pink dress, blue beaded necklace, and a white headband. Like the look Cinderella had before her stepsisters ruined her dress. 

The event is all about the pictures. So dress up, enjoy the parks, and get ready to pose for photos. All are welcome to participate and you’ll want a park hopper on Dapper Day if you want to hit all the perfect photo spots like the classic Disneyland attractions and Buena Vista Street. 

Dapper Day at Disneyland is coming up November 3rd with the Expo November 2-3. Walt Disney World will be going dapper November 16-17. Watch for the next Disneyland Paris event in the spring. For more information on the Dapper Day events visit dapperday.com. And if you want to book during a Dapper Day event talk to your ConciEAR.