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Make Your Mark with Blaze Pizza

by | Oct 10, 2019

The transformation at Disney Springs opened up a massive amount of opportunities for various entrepreneurs to jump into the space that used to be Pleasure Island. Sorry, Society for Explorers and Adventurers, but we can enjoy a lot more family-friendly entertainment now without sacrificing the adults-only experiences. And we can leave out that whole New Years Eve every night thing, too.

Very Disney Springs interior

Blaze Pizza is one of the new companies popping into the Disney Springs. Their take on fast-casual pizza confronts traditional thinking on pizzas. Why spend half an hour in an oven when you can do it in three minutes? And why not do it with high quality ingredients while you’re at it?

Blaze Pizza sits behind D-Luxe Burgers in the Town Center area of Disney Springs. The location is very pleasant to sit in, with exposed wood beams and trusses throughout. Large glass windows give a good view of the Springs. If you want to sit outside, a good amount of tables rest along the calm waterways central to the Springs.

Ordering is simple and kind of amazing. Imagine the experience you are used to at Subway or Chipotle. When I ordered a White Top pizza, I was escorted through the experience as talented folks with plastic gloves sprinkled items on my crust. Each person explained what they were doing and asked if I wanted anything extra at their step. Extra cheese? Extra bacon? Some veggies? Each person named themselves and addressed me by name. It was almost overwhelming how taken-care-of I was. No wonder I tossed in an order of garlic knots.

True to their advertising, my pizza was ready very fast. If I was ordering for a larger family, I suppose this would have been a different matter, but for one, it was amazing. Always looking to plus the experience, I was offered a handful of arugula and various other fresh things to top my pie. I stuck with the salad atop and went outside to consume.

Seriously. Try this place. Affordable, fast, good. They offer gluten free crusts for those who have celiac issues. Keto folks will appreciate the cauliflower crust. So will the GF crew too, I suppose. I’ll have to sample next time I’m around. The marinara sauce is pleasant without being too acidic or too bland. The white sauce was perfect with bacon, garlic, and parmesan cheese. Order more than you can eat? Cardboard boxes are stacked up in multiple areas, so you can take your leftovers to go.

Pizza and Knots!

Disney Springs continues to get better all the time. The selection of quick and affordable experiences means you and your family can get something great to eat and then get back to the fun as soon as possible. If you’re interested in a slower experience, Disney Springs has you covered, too! But that’s a matter for another time.

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