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Mini Golf at Walt Disney World

by | Sep 14, 2019

You and your family have been going to the parks for a few days and need a break. What is there to do other than theme parks? How about a round of Miniature Golf on your day off at one of the two spots available at the Walt Disney World Resort? Each spot has eighteen holes of fun waiting to be explored.

First off is the Fantasia Gardens and Fairway Miniature Golf courses which has two courses to chose from. One adventure is modeled after the film Fantasia. This course is great for beginners or those who don’t mini golf that often. Travel your way through five imaginative scenes from the film including marching broomsticks and tutu-clad hippos. This course is great for those who aren’t as skilled at the game and are just looking for something that will be fun for the whole family. With music from the film and animated objects at every turn, you never know what surprises are in store for you.

The Fairway course is more for adults, not small children. Picture a country club setting where sand traps and water hazards make for a more challenging game. This would be perfect for those couples who enjoy being competitive with each other and make the loser buy dinner at Disney Springs that evening. It is in the Epcot Resort Area with stunning views of the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotels. There is also a great view of the Tower of Terror in the distance.

The second group of courses has been made for the whole family is the Winter Summerland course. Rather than providing a huge challenge, these courses are designed to charm. Both courses are practically the same except for the theme of which season they are adapting. The winter course is covered in traditional Christmas time snow with hoof prints showing that reindeers have been around recently. The Summerland course is made of something Olaf could only dream of. With sandcastles, surfboards, and everything else associated with summer and allowing for a fun time. Winter Summerland is close to Blizzard Beach and the All-Star Hotels. Whether you are in the mood to build a snowman or do whatever frozen things do in summer, you will have a grand time at either course.

One of the most important questions on your mind is how much does this all cost? By booking a Walt Disney World vacation package, Disney usually gives you some extra magic by including vouchers for the whole party to play at one of the 4 courses for free! What are you waiting for? Contact me and the rest of the ConciEARS team to set up your tee time.