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The Stars Wars FOMO Strikes Back

by | Dec 8, 2019

And here we are. A few months ago, I was lamenting that I had yet to visit Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland. Then I got the amazing chance to be at the opening of the new land at its Hollywood Studios premiere. I knew it was coming, but I’m back in the thick of it. Disney FOMO strikes again!

The entrance a few months ago, unused.

See how cool we are? I didn’t even try to explain that FOMO means “fear of missing out,” because we are all cool, young people and we all know that.

Anyway, you probably know that the ride of the decade opened up at the Hollywood Studios version of the Star Wars land: Rise of the Resistance. Clocking in at 18 minutes in duration, it promises to offer an amazing experience unlike any attraction you have ever seen. While I refuse to watch any of the ride videos to maintain my sense of surprise, I have read a bit about how it’s set up.

Come on! There are AT-ATs IN THE RIDE!

Unlike Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland, we won’t be riding in a vehicle for the entire trip. The first portions of the attraction will be show elements as we progress through the building. Think the genetic match scene in Avatar: Flight of Passage, but without all the wiggling. At least I assume there isn’t wiggling. You and your line companions will get to experience actors capturing you and bringing you through an active First Order base. When you get through a few different areas, you will finally be able to affect your escape in a thrilling, 4-minute ride on a trackless car system, piloted by a droid.

That’s about as far as I have read or listened. I want my first experience to be even better than walking onto the Millennium Falcon for the first time. Another trip to Disney World just doesn’t seem to be on the books, unfortunately. Well, not for a few months at least.

A transport will take you off-world!

If you can be a bit more patient, the attraction opens at Disneyland on January 17th. In case you missed our post a few weeks ago, Disney has a sale on rooms at the Disneyland Resort going from January 5th through April 17th. If you want to spring a quick vacation on your family for Christmas, this might be a great time to go. Give one of our ConciEARS a call and they will be happy to plan out your dream vacation. And then you can fear no more. Until the next big thing opens up, I guess. I mean, Mickey’s Runaway Railway is coming to Hollywood Studios on March 4th, so. . . .