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5 Things to Know Before You Plan Your First Disneyland Paris Trip

by | Jun 27, 2022

Recently, my husband and I were fortunate to take a trip of a lifetime to Europe to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Being the Disney fan that I am, of course we had to include a visit to Disneyland Paris! This was a bucket list trip for me! We were able to spend 3 & 1/2 days in the parks that fulfilled all my expectations. They say Disneyland Paris (DLP) is the most beautiful of all the Disneyland parks and they are absolutely correct!

ConciEAR Patrice and husband Craig
ConciEAR Patrice and husband Craig At Disneyland Paris

Top 5 tips for the best trip to Disneyland Paris:

Walt’s – an American restaurant at Disneyland Paris
Walt’s – an American restaurant at Disneyland Paris

1. DINING:  Dining in France dining is a leisurely experience. Good restaurant reservations book early so know your priority restaurants, and book them as soon as reservations open. Right now this means 60 days ahead. Remember to plan around any parades that you want to see. Sit-down dinners will take a minimum of 90 minutes as they expect you to take your time and enjoy all courses. We loved Walt’s and Bistro Chez Remy. Both had good food and great service. I plan to eat around midday for a much-needed break, to relax out of the sun, and enjoy the company of my friends and family.

I used the Disneyland Paris Mobile App to make dining reservations. You can also call for dining reservations at +33 1 60 30 40 50 (sorry, no U.S. number). If you want to make it even easier, I can do it for you when I plan your vacation!

Disney Hotel New York - Art of Marvel Photo via Disney
Disney Hotel New York – Art of Marvel Photo via Disney

2. RESORT HOTELS:  Staying on property is a game changer! There are four hotels (although one is currently under renovation) plus the “villa-style” Villages Nature Resort. Early entry and proximity are only a few benefits of staying “on property.” You can also meet characters in your hotel. Take advantage of concierge service to help you get hard to find dining reservations. We LOVED the Marvel experience at the Hotel New York Art of Marvel, the newest hotel at Disneyland Paris.

The concierge helped me move around a dining reservation and helped us get a taxi to see some local sights.  We loved our hotel, and all of Disney’s hotels are fantastic. 

3. Meeting Characters: If characters are high on your list, I would stay at an on property resort AND book a character dining experience. Lines for characters can be one hour or more! Character meet-and-greets are more popular than most rides! We booked The Plaza Gardens Restaurant and between that and our hotel we only waited in line to see two characters, Stitch and the Queen of Hearts.

Disneyland Paris
‘You’re nothing but a pack of cards!’ Disneyland Paris

4.  Rides: Many rides at Disneyland Paris are similar to their U.S. versions, but with some unique differences. There are also rides and attractions exclusive to DLP. Discoveryland (Tomorrowland) has a Steampunk theme that’s absolutely stunning. I love Space Mountain and the version at DLP is special with the Star Wars-themed Hyperspace Mountain. The ride starts with a 40° angle shooting you into space. Along the way you make twists, turns, and even go upside down!  

Please don’t miss the other non-ride attractions like Alice’s Curious Labyrinth which ends at the top of the Palace with an amazing view of Fantasyland. The standout of Disneyland Paris is the castle, Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant (Sleeping Beauty’s Castle). Don’t miss the most amazing animatronic dragon underneath the castle!

5. Enjoy!!!! Take lots of pictures and videos (in your videos you can always screenshot a particularly beautiful shot to have as a photo.).  It’s commonly said that Disneyland Paris is most beautiful Disney park and it’s true! You may buy a sweatshirt that you wear for a few years but photos evoke memories that last forever. 

ConciEARS Travel Planner Patrice and spouse Craig
ConciEARS Travel Planner Patrice and spouse Craig

When you’re ready to plan your trip to  Disneyland Paris, I’m here to help! This is a great year to go because the park is celebrating its 30th anniversary. I’ll help you find the right hotel for you and make your itinerary. 

Contact me. I’ve got all the tools, tips, and tricks to help you plan the trip of a lifetime! 





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