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5 Things We’re Excited About in 2023 -#4

by | Dec 6, 2022

2022 was a year of magic and memories for everyone who took a Disney Vacation. Here at ConciEARS, we had a great year too!  As we say goodbye to this year, we’re so excited for Disney vacations and special events in 2023. This is our curated list of the top 5 experiences and trips we’re excited about, and recommend for your family in 2023.  We’re counting down to #1 this week. So check back each day!

#4 Adventures by Disney – Iceland & Norway

In 2023 we’re excited about two European trips from Adventures by Disney:  Norway and Iceland. These are countries that can seem a little more intimidating to visit for the average tourist, so they make a perfect vacation to experience with Disney’s luxury guided tours. Every Adventures by Disney vacation is led by two Adventure Guides who manage all the details for you. They’re your local experts with stories, history, and culture to share. Adventures by Disney alumni say that the Adventure Guides are some of the best parts of the trips!   

Horesback Riding in the Golden Circle on Adventures by Disney’s Iceland vacation.

Adventures by Disney’s 8-day/7-night Iceland vacations start at $8,199 USD for adults and include accommodations, 17 meals, and all your tours and admissions. You’ll experience the Instagram-famous Blue Lagoon, ride on the breed of horses Vikings rode (hint, they’re smaller than you might think!), and hike on an active glacier. Tours operate May-September and they do sell out. This is a great vacation for those who love to get outdoors and enjoy our amazing planet. 

Norway Coastline by Michelle_Maria
Norway Coastline by Michelle_Maria

If Norway isn’t on your bucket list, add it right now! It is stunning. Pictures can not do it justice. Trips to Norway with Adventures by Disney start at $5,999 USD for adults and last 8 days. That price includes accommodations and 17 meals. On this vacation, you’ll visit a historic stave church, river raft, and marvel at fjords. (We can’t get over the fjords. Slartibartfast did a great job on the fjords.) Your Adventure Guides are with you from fjord to folk dancing. This is an excellent vacation with kids. You’ll create life-long memories together on this vacation. Tours run June-September and these also sell out. Talk to one of our travel planners right away about visiting Norway, Iceland, or any other Adventures by Disney vacation. 

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