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ConciEAR Joins Cast of The Supreme Resort Podcast

by | Sep 20, 2020

There are plenty of podcasts for Disney Parks fans out there, but few have the audacity to take on the age-old question: which is better? Part of the EarzUp Podcast Network, The Supreme Resort delivers a healthy dose of information along with entertaining debate. Over several dozen episodes, the original hosts touched on a variety of topics, inciting considerable discussion around the Haunted Mansion, Monorails, and even the iconic castles of the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland.

Discontent with just one podcast, The Supreme Resort expanded into new realms with its companion podcast, TSR Presents: Scraping the Vault. Most of us remember the days of Disney’s direct-to-DVD properties extending back to the sequels to Aladdin. Scraping the Vault analyzes these forgotten gems in unforgettable fashion.

ConciEAR Erik has been a fan of the show since Day One and appeared on a couple episodes in the past. When one of the original hosts, Jeremy of Spectro Radio Fame, relinquished his role, Erik was all too happy to step in as one of the show’s three co-hosts. Listen in to their newest episode to find out what the crew thinks of the Towers of each coast. Is the re-themed Guardians of the Galaxy tower better than the original Tower of Terror? You may not agree with the final verdict, but you will have a great time getting there.

If you enjoy deep dives into Disney, you are sure to enjoy the programming on the EarzUp Network! The main program, EarzUp Podcast, features opinions on Disney parks and history from hosts who proudly proclaim themselves “not historians.” For the latest Disney Parks news, tune in to EarzUp: In Depth! with hosts Jason and Jeremy. If you need to scratch that Star Wars itch before the next season of The Mandalorian starts, tune in to Banter, Beskar, and Bantha Milk Podcast. Their continuing coverage of all things Star Wars across the media universe will point out new directions for your obsession. The newest pod to join the network, House Meeting, goes in a completely different direction, focusing on the long-standing reality show staple Big Brother. Of course, the twice-monthly episodes of The Supreme Resort and its properties will also be there for your listening pleasure.

Episodes of The Supreme Resort and all the shows of the EarzUp Network can be found on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and many other popular podcast streaming apps.

ConciEARS is excited to not only be the official travel planner of these podcasts, but also to establish a more permanent presence on one of their shows. As the Disney Parks open up, it’s been exciting to indulge in our favorite podcasts again. If you need help preparing for your family’s first foray into the Parks with all of their new restrictions, please let us know. Your ConciEARS planners are ready and waiting to assist you!