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ConciEARS Best of 2022

by | Dec 13, 2022

2022 was a great year for Disney and for all of us here at ConciEARS. Thank you to all of our friends, clients, and partners for making this such a great year! Read on to find out about the top Disney experiences from 2022 from our team members!

James Hall

This past year I have had two favorite Disney moments. First is my four-year-old son unprompted created a gift for Mickey resulting in one of the cutest meet-and-greets I have ever seen. Next, I got to not only fulfill my dream of making my own lightsaber at Galaxy’s Edge and got to do so with my best friend. These are memories I will cherish forever!

ConciEAR Lyndsey in Disneyland Paris

Lyndsey Wells

I will always remember 2022 as the year I visited my first international Disney park! I loved exploring Disneyland Paris with my husband and seeing what makes it different — like all of the beautiful design details, an Iron Man animatronic that speaks French, and the fireworks show with drone light choreography. Disney magic is real, no matter where you are in the world!

Lynn Barron

We got in line for Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland and the fireworks had just started. As we boarded our train the fireworks continued and did so throughout our whole ride and it made for a magical memory that my family and I will never forget. 

ConciEAR Michelle and family at Disneyland

Michelle Morse

2022 brought an opportunity to take my littlest little to meet Mickey at Disneyland for the first time! I’m not sure what I loved most about the moment – the way my 2-year-old son ran into Mickey’s hug, or the way my teenage daughters stood back to witness it all with beaming smiles. It was quintessential “Disney Magic” and I will cherish the memory for years to come!

Marie Walker

ConciEAR Marie and her family at the Disneyland Hotel

My “Disney Best” for 2022 is definitely the week-long vacation I had with my family at the Disneyland Hotel for my birthday! While staying at our favorite Good Neighbor hotels is always fun and wonderful, the extra bit of magic included at the Disneyland Hotel can’t be beat! Staying for a full week gave us plenty of time to enjoy so many magical amenities the hotel had to offer. We spent one full day at the pool, tried out a fitness class, dined at Trader Sam’s, and explored the grounds. 

Being able to mobile order at The Coffee House and grab my coffee on the way to rope drop or enjoy it poolside before the rest of the family got up was an extra added bonus this coffee-lover took advantage of every day of our stay.

Patrice Hedman

I was extremely fortunate to get to visit Club 33 this month. It was an experience beyond measure. The decor and food were out of this world and our host also told us lots of interesting facts. My favorite was that a stuffed vulture named Alfred was originally supposed to be miked to listen to guests and interact with them but due to privacy reasons they never hooked up the mikes although they are still there!

Sarah Present

My favorite Disney moment from this year was back in May. My husband and I went to Droid Depot for the first time ever. We were going to build a droid to use as our birth announcement. We got all of the parts we needed except one. A cast member went the extra step of pulling apart one of their display droids so we could have all of the pieces we needed. Thanks to her we had the perfect birth announcement!

Editor’s Note: Padawan Present was born in November!

Erik Johnson

I finally did it. Yes, I finally caved after intense pressure from so many of my podcast listeners. I really did hold out as long as I could but alas! I could take the pressure no longer. 

On my last trip to Disneyland, I finally rode the Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes. What an experience! The guides are as funny and as engaging as Jungle Cruise skippers. They might throw out fewer jokes per nautical mile, but they do have to row a large boat filled with reluctant passengers. It was incredible to see the Rivers of America from a completely new angle, up close and personal. I can’t wait for my next trip to do it again!

Erik at Fantasmic as posted on his Surpeme Resort Podcast Instagram account.

What, did you think I meant seeing Fantasmic for the first time?

Editor’s Note: Erik did see Fantasmic this year, and someday we may get him to write a blog about it.

Lindsey Fronzak

My favorite Disney moment of the year was on a trip that I took with my daughter in November. Splash Mountain has been her favorite ride for a long time, and while she is excited about the re-theme, she was sad that “the bunny” would be going away. She begged me to take her to ride it one last time, and hearing her sing all of the songs, and seeing the magical light in her eyes as we rode it that last time is by far my favorite Disney moment of 2022.

ConciEAR Bethany and her family at Disneyland

Bethany Ghilardi

I’m extremely lucky to be able to make tons of Disney memories throughout the year, since we are Disneyland locals, but my favorite Disney memory from 2022 has to be spending my birthday at the Disneyland Resort with my husband and two kids! My husband spoiled us with a stay at the Disneyland Hotel and we enjoyed a perfect day at Disneyland. The best part: I had a birthday pin so cast members and guests were wishing me a “Happy Birthday!” all day long!

Bryn Wittmayer

In April this year, my family went to Disneyland for a couple of days, and then they went home and I got to stay! I spent a day in the parks with ConciEARS friends and colleagues, Michelle, Kailyn, and Bethany, creating social media content. These ladies are a blast, and although I think I wore them out, we also had a lot of fun! It’s great to be able to say I’m going to Disneyland to work. I love my job! I’ve never spent a day at Disneyland with friends before. I enjoy the parks with my family but there is a different kind of joy to be had with friends. I encourage everyone to plan a day or vacation with friends! Pro tip: if you’re at a Disney Park with your friends or by yourself find a PhotoPass photographer and get photos taken! The photographer will have fun ideas so ask them to suggest poses! Our group did this and we got fantastic photos and enjoyed time with these talented Cast Members.

Bryn’s solo day

After that, I had two days in the parks on my own. That is a luxury I encourage everyone to plan at least once in their life! I’d been to Disneyland once before on my own, but I had a broken foot then, and my mobility was a bit limited. That trip let me see the very best of Cast Members who were unfailingly kind and helpful. This time, I was more mobile, and I was able to gather so much content that I’ve used for ConciEARS. I also had a few photos taken by PhotoPass photographers since usually, I’m the one taking the photos! If you’re an extrovert and worried about getting lonely, don’t. People in lines are always happy to chat, and Cast Members pay you extra attention when you’re on your own. If you’re an introvert like me it’s delightful to enjoy the parks without constantly taking care of everyone else’s needs. Even if you can’t justify a solo trip as work like I did, try to plan a solo trip. It’s a magical way to experience all your favorite parts of Disney parks.

What was your best Disney moment of 2022? We hope we were part of it! We know that 2023 is going to be a fantastic year. Take a look at some of the things we’re looking forward to. Get in touch with us to plan your 2023 Disney vacations. We look forward to helping you have a wonderful year.


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