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ConciEARS Welcomes James Hall

by | Jun 2, 2018

I am a vacation planner! Not a travel agent. Not a booking agent. And not just any vacation planner but a ConciEARS Disney Vacation Planner! Why the distinction? Well, I am glad you asked.

When I look back on my life the world of Disney has had a profound impact. From the movies and stories, to the vacations with characters, there are so many experiences that are directly tied to the Disney Magic. And it is through these experiences with the people I love the most, I have been able to make memories that will last a life time.

When I think back on these memories, I could reminisce for hours, because even as a child the emotions are still strong. I clearly remember the day when I got selected to join one of the night time spectacular parades at Disneyland. Here I was dancing with some of my favorite characters while spreading pixie dust all around. And it is not just childhood. I remember the moment I first told my beautiful girlfriend and eventual wife, Chelsea, that I loved her. Disney was there. And most recently one of the most special moments in our life was making our baby announcement right in front of Cinderella’s castle, and to top it off, Mickey Mouse congratulated us himself!

So again, why make the distinction that I am a ConciEARS Disney Vacation Planner? For me personally and the entire ConciEARS team, vacations are vital. The memories they provide strengthen the bonds between family members and fosters the love that makes them special. I truly believe that a Disney vacation, when planned properly, is the pinnacle of the family vacation experience, creating memories that we hold in our hearts forever. This is the reason I am specifically a ConciEARS Vacation Planner. It’s because I don’t want to book your vacation. I don’t want to schedule your vacation. I definitely don’t want to sell you a vacation. I want to get to know your family. Get to know what they love, what excites them, what concerns you have, special needs, and much more. Anything and everything, so I can work with our team to make a magical, custom made, stress-free, vacation of a life time become reality.

I am extremely excited to be joining the ConciEARS team as their newest Disney Vacation Planner. I love the ever changing aspect of the parks and the cruise line. So, if you are looking for that first Disney vacation, or have been more times than you can count, I hope you will give us a call. No trip is ever the same, and I look forward to walking with you down the path of planning a vacation that will bring out the child inside of your family, just waiting for a chance to wish upon a star.