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From Screen to Park: Disneyland Paris

by | May 24, 2021

For 29 years the Disney magic has been alive at Disneyland Paris through its two theme parks, Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios Park, the Disney Village, and eight magically-themed hotels. Here you can experience many classic Disney attractions with French flair. Disneyland Paris has a few exclusive attractions and experiences as you’ll only find at Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park.


One unique experience that Disneyland Paris offers is walkthroughs that immerse you in beloved films. Adventureland’s Le Passage Echante’ d’ Aladdin takes you through winding stone passages with miniature scenes telling the story of this classic film Aladdin as if you were a spectator inside the movie. Magic is at every corner bringing these miniature sets to life before your very eyes.

Another fantastic movie-based ride in Adventure land is Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril. I highly advise watching Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, to prepare you for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril. Here you hop aboard a minecart going up and down over the surface of the temple, clearing debris, or putting back the artifacts. This may seem to be a simple task but the minecarts go out of control taking riders around the temple.


Disneyland Paris’ most famous walkthrough is Le Labyrinthe d’Alice or Alice’s Curious Labyrinth. Based on the classic Disney film Alice in Wonderland, you follow in the footsteps of Alice trying to reach the Queen of Heart’s Castle. I recommend watching the film and taking notes on how Alice made it from the beginning at White Rabbit’s hole and out the other side via Tulgey Wood. This maze is filled with surprises where you can meet the Cheshire Cat, encounter doors of various sizes, and escape playing card soldiers carrying out their queen’ orders of, “Off with their heads!” The most rewarding part of the maze is at the end when you arrive at Sleeping Beauty’s castle with a beautiful view of Fantasyland and Alice’s Curious Labyrinth.


The Paris version of Tomorrowland is inspired by French author Jules Verne. One distinctive attraction in the land is a walkthrough of the Nautilus from the film 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. You should watch that movie to get the most out of this attraction. Guests enter what looks like a lighthouse, and proceed through an underwater corridor taking them through six rooms aboard this famous ship. One of the best scenes in this walkthrough is in the Main Salon which features Captain Nemo’s organ with a mirror that will sometimes display Nemo’s reflection on it. A recreation of James Mason who played the famous captain is actually hidden behind the glass and will become visible when lit. But the main event is coming face to face with the giant squid that terrorized the crew on screen. The giant animal attacks the sub with its tentacles and you end up feeling you barely made it out alive.

Toon Studio

Located in Walt Disney Studios Park, in Toon Studio guests enter the living worlds of Disney and Pixar films. Ever wanted to experience the ocean the way a turtle does? Well on Crush’s Coaster the famous turtle invites you to ride on the back of a spinning sea turtle coaster that takes you through memorable scenes and characters from Finding Nemo. Watch Finding Nemo to meet Crush and all the other characters who show up during this ride.

Another fun Pixar attraction at Walt Disney Studios is RC Racer located in the Toy Story Playland expansion of Toon Studio. On it you ride the race car that helped Buzz and Woody get back to Andy in the first film of the series. This steel shuttle coaster allows you to ride in RC on an orange half loop track. You can watch Toy Story before riding this attraction to witness the high-stakes desperation of the toys’ attempt to return to Andy.

The last attraction and movie combination I recommend is Ratatouille : L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy (Ratatouille: The Adventure) and the Pixar movie Ratatouille. On this trackless ride you shrink to the size of a rat. The titular Remy and the spirit of Auguste Gusteau try to decide what meal to cook for the riders while you tour the kitchen. After you get back to normal size you should head over to Bistrot Chez Remy for a wonderful French meal. This attraction will also be coming to Walt Disney World during its 50th anniversary on October 1st of this year.
I encourage your family to watch all these films before your next trip. Most are available on Disney+. Watching before you go will give you a good reference on how to enjoy these unique attractions at Disneyland Paris. If you don’t have a trip planned then I would love to help you with your next vacation! Email me at jhall@conciears.com to get started.



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