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Meet Bryn Wittmayer, our Social Media ConciEAR!

by | Aug 20, 2018

Hi! About a year ago I was planning a surprise trip to Disneyland for my then-6-year-old, and listening to The Sweep Spot Podcast when I first heard Head ConciEAR, Michael Renfrow’s Disney updates and about the concept of a personal Disney-planning service. I’ve gone to Disneyland regularly all my life, and could have planned that trip myself. But I was swamped. I reached out to Michael and his team for help planning, and we built such a fantastic rapport that several months later I came to work for ConciEARS coordinating our Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest presence.

I’m a lifelong Disney fan. I love Disneyland not just for the rides, or the magical moments, but because at Disneyland I connect with my family in a way that’s a bit like traveling in time.

My grandparents lived just a few miles away when I was little, and now my family goes fairly often. My daughters are now 12 and 7, and their first visits were at 3 and 6 months and they included my parents.

When I’m in Disneyland I remember being there in the 70’s with my own grandparents, and the magic of the Main Street Electrical Parade, and I tell my girls stories about the great-grandparents they never knew. I take them to the Tiki Room and tell them how much my grandfather loved birds and corny jokes, and how my grandmother would ride the Tea Cups with me when they made everyone else nauseous.

As a life-long visitor to Disneyland, the memories of four generations of family layer over each other, so it becomes a place we share with each other now, while also remembering and celebrating the then.

Nothing makes me cry happy/sad tears like Disneyland. It’s an amazing mix of missing the people who are gone, and celebrating where we are now.

I fly Dumbo with my grandfather and my father while I watch my girls fly it with theirs. I remember what’s changed (America Sings!) and thrill to what’s new. We’ll visit the new Pixar Pier very soon, and we can’t wait! I love it all: the food, music, parades, rides, and characters. I’m thrilled to share all of that with you.

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