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No Dance-Off Necessary: You’re Going to Love EPCOT’s Newest Ride!

by | May 28, 2022

It’s finally time! For months now, a giant building has been sprouting on the north end of EPCOT. The building is the opposite of those Harmonious barges in the World Showcase Lagoon, simultaneously gigantic and somehow invisible. Think the Soarin’ building. You know it’s there, but somehow your eyes slide off it.

That’s Disney imagineering at its finest, hiding a giant show building in plain sight. But that’s not the technological marvel we are all here to see. No, we look forward to our first trip aboard the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind attraction, newly opened at EPCOT!

The first full-size Starblaster ever built stands outside Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, the new family-thrill coaster attraction at EPCOT at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. (Kent Phillips, photographer)

Understand that this whole attraction exists because of decades-old contracts. Even today, you can find many of Marvel’s most famous characters at Universal Studios Orlando, where Marvel licensed classic characters like Captain America and Wolverine for in-park and ride appearances. Even Spider-Man is caught up in the mix! But not the Guardians.

Yes, the Guardians of the Galaxy are one of those formerly obscure characters who can bypass those old contracts. Nobody thought to include them in the list of properties that could only be housed in Universal Orlando. And then Marvel made a few hit movies featuring them.

Cut to yesterday when a brand new attraction opens up in a space that once housed EPCOT’s Universe of Energy attraction. Gone is the solar-fueled romp through dinosaurs and other sources of fossil-based energy. What remains is a similar-looking entryway that leads to another world.

It’s Galaxy Time

Cosmic Rewind is the first roller coaster at EPCOT, but it’s not a crazy thrill ride. This coaster is a new kind, an Omnicoaster! Your cars will be able to rotate much like the Doom Buggies in the Haunted Mansion, but they will be moving a bit faster. A lot faster, really. And with music from the 70s and 80s.

This new story here blurs fantasy with reality. Peter Quill apparently visited EPCOT Center when he was young and remembers it fondly. Thanks to his connections we get a new pavilion focused on the Wonders of Xandar from the Guardians movies.

And then there’s a coaster.

Enter a new story with a lot of our favorite characters. We can’t wait to see how this all works out in its virtual queue. We have seen Disney use this type of queue for a while now, dating back to the opening days of Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland and Hollywood Studios.

How to Get in the Queue

When you and your family are set to enter EPCOT on a given day, enter the virtual queue for the ride starting at 7am. Missed it? Go for the 1pm refresh as well. In some ways, this is inconvenient, but at least it’s free. Start refreshing your screen at the appointed time and make sure you have the rest of your party linked to your account.

I’m not saying it’s necessary, but I switched my watch to look at time with a second hand. With accurate time-keeping, you might have an edge over the rest of the guests in the park that day.

This is a complicated workflow. In the end, if you want to experience this new ride, you’re going to have to wait in line or get a sweet reservation. Give both options a try and let us know!

Regardless of how you get it done, this looks like another knockout attraction at Walt Disney World. Characters we like plus a ride many can enjoy make for a very good team. See you all real soon!



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