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Rise and Shine of the Resistance

by | Jan 16, 2020

So you want to be among the first to experience one of the most anticipated attractions in theme park history…. Do you have what it takes? The guts? The patience? The venti latte at 6am?

Want to join the queue here? Read on!

As we count down the final hours to the official opening of Rise of the Resistance at Disneyland Park in California, we have the unique ability to learn from the opening of its counterpart in Florida. The opening day for this attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios was an E ticket event all to itself. A morning that saw cars waiting to enter the parking area as early as 3am. Seasoned park goers anxious to live out their own Star Wars adventure braved the Florida morning heat and lined up as soon as cast members would allow them. All of the excitement and anticipation waited to flood the gates. Finally, guests were able to experience this new, all-immersive wonder of an attraction. Rise of the Resistance opened. Against the odds, the ride systems, virtual queue and cast members all stood the test. The opening was a smashing success with minimal down time plus a very smooth way to wait for your chance to ride.

Get in the park early and get ready to join a boarding group!

January 17th will mark the next opening of this one, uhh…. Two of a kind attraction. The first days of operation will no doubt be very busy with guests lining up well before park opening. So, to be among the first to experience this ride at Disneyland there are some steps to take. (And alarms to set.)

First things first! Make sure you have a valid ticket to Disneyland for the day you are choosing to visit.  Next, download the Disneyland App. This will be the easiest way to get your boarding group. You should also scan the tickets of your family and friends to create a party. You can get this done ahead of time.

Set your alarm to “new ride opening” and get to the park early! Make sure you are inside the park gate with your ticket scanned before the posted opening of the park. This is crucial as once the park is pronounced open, you will be able to retrieve your boarding group. And these spots will go FAST! There will also be select locations to retrieve a boarding group if the Disneyland app is not available to you. My advice, ask a cast member where to find this location as soon as you get inside the gates.

Almost there….

Once available, the boarding groups will be gone faster than Kylo Ren on the Light Side, so have your app open. There will be a dedicated module on the main page of the app. Once available, select “Join Boarding Group.” You will be sent a boarding group number that will let you know when it’s your time to ride. And that’s it! Pretty easy right!? The benefit to this system is you will be free to experience other attractions while you wait for your boarding number without the massive wait that usually accompanies a new attraction.

What now? Enjoy the park! Eat a churro. . . . Watch a parade. . . . Do whatever you want until your boarding group is called. You will be sent a push notification through the app. You can also find the current boarding group posted throughout the park. Once your group is called, head to the ride entrance and live your Star Wars story.

Signs like this one will let you know which groups are boarding.

Now that you have have joined the resistance, make sure to recruit your friends and family to visit ConciEARS.com. Your one stop vacation planning service that specializes in Disney vacations.

May the Force be with you.