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Weathering the Disney Drought

by | Mar 21, 2020

It’s been a long time since the world had zero Disney Parks to visit on a given day. At a time when people around the world need some entertainment, we acknowledge that some forms of entertainment put us at higher risk. But what do we do during the few weeks when we can’t visit our happiest and most magical places on Earth? Your ConciEARS have a few suggestions.

We have a wide variety of activities that you can try out. Read on!

ConciEAR Bryn wants everybody to know about our Pinterest boards:

To keep you from going nuts while in quarantine, check out the ConciEARS Pinterest boards! We have three boards full of activities you can do at home. Craving your favorite park food? Try our At Home Disney Food board. It’s full of great Disney copycat recipes, and foods inspired by your favorite Disney characters.

If you’re in a crafting mood, try our Disney Art & Crafts board. We saved craft ideas for young and old, many of them you can do with basic art supplies you already have on hand.

Need to exercise your mind? Try our Disney Games and Puzzles board. It has printable Disney-themed mad-libs, jokes, Disney trivia questions, and more. Try a family competition to see who can finish a word search first, or find the family Start Wars experts.

We’ll keep adding to these boards as quarantine conditions continue.

ConciEAR Lexy

I’ve been sipping tea in my mugs from the Disney Parks while watching Disney+. I’ve also been reading through the D23 website and Disney Parks Blog. And catching up on podcast episodes, my favorite is the D23 podcast Inside Disney.

ConciEAR James

I have been rewatching all the MCU movies with my wife for movie date nights on Disney+. We are also enjoying dancing to Disney music with the kiddo. Favorites are Winnie The Pooh, Frozen, and Step in Time.

ConciEAR Mike

I love Disney phone app games. My personal favorites are Disney Magic Kingdom and Disney Emoji Blitz. They are great time burners for me.



ConciEAR Erik

I love building LEGO sets! There are a ton available both new and used. LEGO makes sets themed to Disney Parks and Disney movies. It also makes Star Wars and Marvel sets. I’m halfway through building Kylo Ren’s ship right now. I have made enough that we had to expand our ability to display everything! A good LEGO set will occupy hours and can be a lot of fun for the whole family.