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Witness the Power of Imagination!

by | Nov 4, 2022

Welcome to Fantasmic! Tonight, our friend and host, Mickey Mouse, uses his vivid imagination to create magical imagery for all to enjoy. Nothing is more wonderful than the imagination—for in a moment, you can experience a beautiful fantasy or an exciting adventure! But beware… nothing is more powerful than the imagination—for it can also expand your greatest fears into an overwhelming nightmare. Are the powers of Mickey’s incredible imagination strong enough and bright enough to withstand the evil forces that invade Mickey’s dream? You are about to find out. For we now invite you to join Mickey and experience Fantasmic!—a journey beyond your wildest imagination.

Intro to Fantasmic

Fantasmic is back at both Disneyland and Disney World! I have a long history with Fantasmic and have had the pleasure of seeing both versions. Each one is filled with magic and is the perfect way to end an evening within the Disney Parks. Sit back as I go through my favorite memories seeing this wondrous show and preparing to introduce my own children soon to this beautiful fantasy!

My journey with Fantasmic began back in 1992 when the nighttime spectacle first came to Disneyland. Sitting on the outside balcony of Riverbelle Terrace not knowing what to expect. As the show started before my very eyes I saw Tom Sawyer Island bloom into life as lights emerged from the ground with the now iconic Fantasmic music starting to play. I have seen many times Mickey create magic with water spectacles to make the pirate ship come to life with Peter Pan taking on the infamous Captain Hook. But the grand finale of Mickey taking on the wicked Maleficent in her dragon form has always been a sight to behold. I think by far my favorite part of the show is when Mickey in his Steamboat Willie attire drives the Mark Twain boat with all the Disney characters saying goodbye to all the guests with Mickey becoming Sorcerer Mickey’s grand finale of fireworks lighting up the sky.

Walt Disney World has had their own version of Fantasmic in Hollywood Studios since October of 1998. When I traveled to Orlando with my family in the summer of 2016, seeing this show was a must! Making sure we got the best view we booked a Fantasmic Dining Package enjoying the amazing food at The Hollywood Brown Derby (one of four restaurants to choose from). Before the show even starts you are taken into a large arena setting specifically made for Fantasmic. Once the show started I was immediately taken in by the music I know and love with many aspects of the show the same yet also different. One of the most surprising aspects of the show was how many more villains participated, even seeing Jafar changing into his snake form and Mickey escaping on the magic carpet from the movie Aladdin. Like before, Mickey finishes off Maleficent but instead of the Mark Twain Mickey is driving the Steamboat Willie boat. 

It is hard to pick a favorite version as both are worth seeing. Over the years changes and updates have been made. The latest with Disney World’s version having a brand new show sequence with Frozen, Mulan, Moana, and much more! Whichever park you decide to travel to contact me at jhall@conciears.com on how to include this nighttime spectacle into your travel plans.



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