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A New Way to Compliment

by | Oct 7, 2021

One of the secrets to Disney’s success is its cast members. Walt considered his park employees part of the show, naming them accordingly. A while back I relayed some of my experience with exceptional cast members and suggested ways to thank them for their efforts. That process just got a lot more convenient!

When you next visit Walt Disney World, you will find a new feature in your My Disney Experience app! Instead of waiting in line at City Hall or hoping you get a survey after your trip, you can hop into the Disney app and provide feedback at your convenience. 

Choose from a list of compliment types, where you are in the parks, and the type of cast member who made your day. In seconds, you can highlight the great service that makes Disney World a magical place.

This system is currently only in place at the Florida parks, but you can bet a similar solution will spread to the west coast in time. The old standards of compliments still stand, so if you want to give more in-depth feedback, you can! This is just a quick and easy way to do something nice for the people who help you make memories. 

If you had a great experience at the parks, let us know too! We love hearing about excellent service whether it was one of your ConciEARS or a Disney cast member!



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