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Magic Kingdom Snacks to Celebrate the 50th!

by | Oct 15, 2021

Walt Disney World parks are pulling out all the stops for the 50th anniversary of the resort! One of the celebrations getting the most attention is the myriad assortment of food options sprinkled around the parks like so many  . . . um, sprinkles atop so many doughnuts I guess. Disney is all about the food of late but the treats themed to the 50th celebration go above and beyond!

Take the fun recipes in the Magic Kingdom. Fans of the Carousel of Progress and/or sundaes will love Uncle Orville’s Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, an ice cream snack served in the freeloader’s signature bathtub cup. Too obscure? I started too obscure. How about a blackberry milkshake topped with a chocolate doughnut with purple frosting? It’s called the Happy Haunts and it’s only available in the Columbia Harbor House, right down the street from the Haunted Mansion.

More? OK! It’s fitting! Since the Magic Kingdom was first, let’s get more special snacks. Casey’s Corner is selling a hot dog with what else but strawberry bacon jam and funnel cake bits atop it. Head to the Skipper Canteen for a nice throwback! The Adventureland Verandah used to occupy this spot. As a tribute, the Jungle Cruise-themed restaurant offers shrimp over pork fried rice, an opening-day dish.

Now for some weird stuff again. If you ever wanted to pair your michelada with a Sea Witch, Be Out Guest has you covered. For a limited time, get this tomato-and-beer blend with some extra squid accents as you can see above! Cinderella’s Royal Table presents an ultra-bright and colorful champagne flight.

Bright colors not weird enough, you say? How about a burger that looks like a toad? The sort of thing work for you? If so, head to the Friar’s Nook in Fantasyland for a tribute to the long-gone Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride in burger form.

Round out the oddities with a perfectly delightful chocolate silk pie. With a chocolate tribute to the pressed penny on top.

This one went to some odder places than I thought it would. That’s fine though. It’s great to see Walt Disney World chefs cutting loose with celebratory treats, from the colorful to the truly odd! This sort of innovation is what made Disneyland and Walt Disney World happen in the first place. If you get to the parks during this celebration, let us know which were your favorites!

And if you need some help getting to said parks, please give our ConciEARS planners a call at your convenience. We are standing by to help you plan your next adventure!



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