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Dining With Your Disney Pals

by | Mar 7, 2023

We all love to visit our pals at the Disney Parks but there are times when the wait may be long. Thankfully Disney has wonderful Character Dining where the characters come to you providing some great interactions! Located in the Disneyland Hotel, Goofy’s Kitchen is one of my favorite Character Dining restaurants and I was able to take my wife and kids for their first experience this past December. 

The food is absolutely wonderful but the highlight of the experience was the interactions with the characters. Before we got seated at our table we had the pleasure of seeing Goofy himself in his chef attire in a section that looked like a kitchen. My kids were super excited when it was their turn to meet him and both ran up to give him a loving hug! When booking this experience you get a free photo pass for your pictures with Goofy. Now, this was only the beginning of the character fun. Throughout the evening while eating we were constantly visited by the likes of Minnie, Pluto, Chip, and Dale. The characters clowned around at our table making for fun interactions with all of us. Some memorable moments included Dale looking like he was trying to eat my daughter’s food, the kids getting to pet Pluto saying he is a good dog, and my son making cute hand gestures while Minnie copied. Even my wife also loved the experience; up to this point, all her character interactions were within the Disney Parks.

Breakfast is usually the most popular meal but since we checked into the hotel later in the day we decided on dinner instead. We were delighted with choices of succulent meats from the carving station, fresh catch of the day, seasonal vegetables, chilled tossed salads, mac & cheese, and assorted pizzas. My favorite part had to be the meat station with a side of yummy mashed potatoes. My five old son enjoyed having many helpings of pizza while my two-year-old daughter enjoyed some yummy Mac & cheese for herself. Now, like any buffet, you can’t forget to save some room for the pièce de résistance—a dessert buffet featuring warm bread pudding and other delectable delights.

If you love Disney Characters I highly recommend Goofy’s Kitchen and any of the other Character Dining locations. For both kids and adults, it allows you to have one on time with your beloved favorites and enjoy good food in the process. When I help you plan your next let’s talk about including a character meal: email me at jhall@conciears.com today!



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