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Experience Opulence at the Enchanted Rose Lounge

by | Jan 5, 2020

If you are looking to live it up at Walt Disney World, you can’t go wrong with the Grand Floridian Resort. The opulent hotel boasts a spa, plenty of shops, and some of Disney’s highest-tier dining locations. Following a recent renovation, it also hosts a gorgeous new lounge, the Enchanted Rose. Whether you are waiting for your reservation at Victoria & Albert’s or you just need a quiet moment away from the Magic Kingdom, you should stop by on your next trip!

Blue, gold, plush, and relaxing.

The Enchanted Rose lounge is a celebration of the French styles exhibited in the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast. The furnishings and decor create an atmosphere unlike anything else at Disney World, even though there are no characters in attendance. Guests can sit along the bar, at secluded tables along the windows, or outside in a covered area to watch the activity on the Seven Seas Lagoon. It was a great experience just sitting down for a few minutes in this setting. Of course, there’s plenty more to do than just sit.

Like most of Disney’s lounges, there are plenty of drink options to choose from and also some good appetizer options. The food is appropriately rich. This is the Grand Floridian, after all! The truffle fries and short-rib sliders were amazing and filling enough that I skipped dinner the night that I visited. The menu features a cheese platter and some shareables like sausage and mushroom flatbread and octopus. If you really want to live it up, you can get some white sturgeon caviar as well! Sorry, everyone. The Enchanted Rose does not accept Disney Dining Plan credits, but they do accept Tables in Wonderland discounts.

A not-so-simple Manhattan

Disney’s lounges are known for having a spectacular cocktail list and the Enchanted Rose does not disappoint. Standards like the Manhattan, Old Fashioned, and Negroni are present, but with upgraded twists. I would never think to put top shelf spirits into these drinks, but WhistlePig 10 year Rye makes an amazing Manhattan. Why make any old Side Car when you can make one with Rémy Martin VSOP Cognac?

See if you can spot the Macallan!

The lounge also serves up two interesting cocktails called Love and Envy. Part of the fun with these premium blends is the tableside mixing. Each cocktail comes with a story of its own and you get to see it all in action, building anticipation for your first sip. If all of this is too complicated for your taste, you can choose from a wide array of single-serving spirits that range from the standard to the toppest of shelves. I’m talking 25-year Macallan scotch here, folks.

The bar stocks a few draft and bottled beer and cider selections. Not a ton, but enough to cover a range of styles. The same goes for the wine list. You should be able to select a great representative from many California and world wine regions, across many varieties and blends. Just like the spirit selection, if you want to spend some cash, Enchanted Rose will help you out with some very rare bottles.

Keep that part in mind before you go to the lounge. In keeping with the opulent atmosphere of the resort, Enchanted Rose looks and plays the part of a high-end dining location. Surround yourself with lavish decor and libations. Just realize that it will cost you. One of the most fun aspects of this lounge in my experience was the wide range of guests in attendance. Yes, there were some folks wearing evening gowns and dinner jackets, but there were just as many families wearing their Parks gear, ears and all. As always, Disney makes everyone feel welcome.

The Enchanted Rose lounge at the Grand Floridian Resort is definitely an experience worth seeing for yourself. It might not become your regular hangout, but you should make an effort to check it out during your next trip. A quick spin around the lagoon on the monorail or on a boat is all you need to get from the Magic Kingdom to the resort, so you really don’t have much of a reason not to visit!

If you want to set up a trip for your family, contact one of our ConciEARS travel planners today! Reservations are not accepted at the Enchanted Rose, but our planners can easily include your visit into your family’s itinerary. Now that I think of it, this might be a great opportunity to ask a ConciEAR about Disney’s babysitting services. . . .