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Pepe by José Andrés at Disney Springs

by | Apr 9, 2020

This José Andrés fellow seems to know his stuff. Having already distinguished himself as a Michelin- starred chef and a James Beard award winner, he established a famed food truck in Washington D.C. Pepe serves delightful, Spanish flavors through quick soups and sandwiches. That food truck finally has a less-mobile home here in Disney Springs.

Attached to the acclaimed Jaleo restaurant, Pepe steers away from the slow food, tapas-style dining experience and provides quick and simple sandwiches and soups, just like the original food truck. The restaurant is a small space with counters and small tables for families to rest indoors, but there is nothing stopping you from enjoying your meal on the go! Colorful lights and a giant mural add a life of color to the space. If you walk around the corner inside, you can gaze at the dimmer-lit, more intimate spaces of the main Jaleo restaurant.

The main event here is sandwiches! Most are made with delectably crunchy Spanish bread that adds a completely tactile element to your meal. Pan de Cristal bread is imported from Spain and it is worth every penny. Check out the Pepito Ternera sandwich for some flat iron steak with onions, cheese, and roasted peppers. You can get a ham and cheese (or just hold the ham for the Quatro Quesos sandwich) that is pressed panini-style. Larger sandwiches are also available on delicious flauta bread.

Sides include gazpacho, the chilled tomato soup that will remind you that soups can be just as refreshing as a cold drink. There are also Spanish chicken fritters and fried potatoes (chips) drizzled with a savory aioli and spicy sauce. If you want to take some desserts on the go, pick up some soft serve ice cream or a bit of traditional flan.

Standard Disney fare like waters and iced teas are available for your meal, but Pepe also sells coconut water if you need a little more hydration. You can also enjoy a selection of wines and sangrias with your meal. Beer selections include a Spanish lager and some local Florida brews.

Picture courtesy Disney

In all, Pepe is a great stop along your Disney Springs journey. You do not need to linger in this space, but you certainly can. It is comfortably friendly with bright décor and great smells from the kitchen. Your meal won’t take long to prepare, but it is done so with care and attention to every delicious detail.

Give Pepe a look the next time you are in the Springs. You can use your dining plan for some parts of the meal too, getting a great meal using only a quick service credit.
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