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Celebrate the 50th Anniversary with Beacons of Magic!

by | Oct 29, 2021

They’re putting pop lights on Spaceship Earth, they said. As EPCOT continued its transformation, the denizens of the internet jumped all over this new project that seemed to be adding large lights at the junctions where nine-hundred fifty-four isosceles triangles met around the iconic geodesic sphere. Little did we know, Disney had something grand in store for the resort’s 50th anniversary. 

Celebrating fifty years of the most magical place on Earth, Disney’s imagineers were supposed to pull out all the stops. Even though the only park open in those early years was the Magic Kingdom, all four theme parks at the resort revel in the magic. Each park has its icon and each icon received a serious plus-up in time for the first of October.

Magic Kingdom

(David Roark, photographer courtesy Disney)

At this point, we should be used to seeing Cinderella Castle transform with projected light. This new celebration begins with darkness and flows out from the 50th anniversary medallion above the castle’s gate. The end result is a vibrant and lively intro to the spectacular to come!


(David Roark, photographer courtesy Disney)

Those round spots installed all over the sphere at the heart of EPCOT became part of a display that some say eclipses the new fireworks spectacular, Harmonious. The small lights twinkle and synth music recalls the themes of classic EPCOT. As  the music swells, the lights intensify and and form a grid of shifting colors around the sphere. You won’t want to stop watching the patterns flow over the surface!

Hollywood Studios

(Todd Anderson, photographer courtesy Disney)

Some would argue that Hollywood Studios has two icons with the Chinese Theater in the center and the Hollywood Tower Hotel at the end of Sunset Boulevard. What Disney has done to the decrepit home of the Tower of Terror is truly amazing! Over the course of one minute, the dilapidated ruin transforms into a shining and alive destination once more. Bright windows glow with carousing hotel guests within and every column seems intact. Don’t worry, though. We bet the haunts are still happening within!

Animal Kingdom

(David Roark, photographer courtesy Disney)

The Tree of Life does a great job drawing guests’ attention during the day. At night Disney treats us to projected shows that make the tree come alive. This new vision is almost subtle in comparison to the other beacons. Vines and roots light and grow over the surface. A calm light exudes from within the massive tree, wishing you well as you head home from the park.

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