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ConciEARS Favorite Destination D23 Moments

by | Nov 23, 2021

Destination D23 came and went this year with plenty of fanfare. The east-coast equivalent of the famous D23 Expo might be a bit smaller in scope than its west-coast cousin, but it never fails to deliver! This year, the celebration of all things Disney tossed out a few bombshells, setting ambitious expectations for Disney parks.

We asked some of your favorite ConciEARS crew for their favorite announcements. Take a quick look at the plans we are most excited about!

Announced at D23, the Summer 2022 opening of the new Guardians of the Galaxy coaster at EPCOT! Picture Courtesy Disney.

Mike, Head ConciEAR

“When do you think Disneyland will get MagicBands?” is probably one of the questions I receive the most when comparing the two US-based theme parks. Thanks to D23 we now know that wait is almost over. One of my favorite Disney collections is magic bands so I am excited about what MagicBand+ will bring to the parks, especially as part of the 50th Celebration. Now everyone can share the next level of this tech!

James, ConciEAR

Check out Josh D’Amaro as he tries out the lightsaber training experience!

Ever since the first announcement for the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser released I have been beyond excited at the chance to live my own adventure within a galaxy far, far away. Now with the newest sneak peek at lightsaber training aboard the Starcruiser, I might as well be dreaming. This is something I never thought I would experience within my life time. It’s one thing to have a lightsaber in your hands but to be able to actually block shots from a blaster is a whole other level!

Play returns to Disneyland! Picture courtesy Disney.

Marie, ConciEAR

I know it was announced before the event but I’m most excited for the Toon Town updates. I love the idea of making this a fun place for little kids to run around and play again. My kids loved the original water play area at Bugs Land. I bet families will be really happy about the new water play area, especially in the summer ?

Bryn, Social Media ConciEAR

Downtown Disney proposed updates! Picture Courtesy Disney

Downtown Disney suffers in comparison to Disney Springs and a few planned projects in the last decade have been canceled. (Anyone remembers the fourth hotel?) I’m excited that Disney is trying again and I hope that this time their revamp works out.

Erik, Humble Bloggist

much earlier than Disneyland, but it always felt a little off. Spontaneous performances by the Dapper Dans returned to Main Street. Festival of the Lion Ling reopened its doors at Animal Kingdom. Even the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular reappeared in Hollywood Studios along with an imminent refresh of Fantasmic! Shows and experiences outside the rides bring so much more life to the parks. I can’t wait to see some of my favorites again!

Live shows returning! Picture Courtesy Disney.



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