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The Holidays are Coming. . . .

by | Nov 15, 2021

The day after any holiday at Disneyland is a fascinating time. Lie down one night at the Disneyland Hotel, dreaming of the reds, browns, and oranges of the Halloween decorations. Wake up the next morning and you are sure to see the frosted evergreens of winter!

It’s truly a sight to behold. A testament to the tireless efforts of Disney’s decorators who work like elves through the night. Not everything changes overnight, but large differences stand in stark contrast every morning.

Within just a few days of Halloween, Cinderella castle is draped with frost and wreaths have replaced every pumpkin. Not even two weeks into November and a 60-foot Christmas tree rises from the middle of Town Square, bedecked with nearly 1,800 ornaments!

This year is just a bit different, of course. In addition to the usual festivities, Disneyland opened up a brand new shop at the end of Main Street. Where once a photo store stood, the Plaza Point Holiday Shoppe will sell holiday-themed merch throughout the year. 

And not just Christmas gear! The shop will change through the seasons to highlight Hanukkah, Lunar New Year, Easter, Halloween and other holidays. Each change will bring in new décor and merchandise that will transform the Victorian space again and again.

Check out some of these pictures if you’re ready to start up the holiday fun. ConciEAR Kailyn has been busy at the parks chronicling the transformation from autumn to winter. 

If you want to experience the parks during this magical time of year, click on our ”Chat With Us” button on the lower left to get cracking on your next trip! We’re standing by to help you to the holiday vacation of your dreams!



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