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Disney Cruise Line Visits European Coastlines!

by | Jun 16, 2021

Disney Cruise Line voyages to every continent on Earth, but few of its destinations possess the unique combination of history, modernity, and natural wonders found in its European destinations. We touched on the grandeur of the Norwegian fjords and other destinations in Northern Europe last week. Now it’s time to explore a bit more of this continent!

The Disney Magic, one of the hard-working ships in the Disney fleet, visits plenty more than the northern climes. She also frequents the British Isles and often heads south, all the way into the Mediterranean. Interesting ports of call abound!

The British Isles

For those who want to enjoy plenty of time abroad, Disney offers a 7-night cruise around the British Isles. Visit vast landscapes like the cliffs of Dover in England and the sprawling country outside Belfast in Ireland. Explore cities like Liverpool, the home of the Beatles, and Glasgow, the most populous city in Scotland. Experience the mystery and ancient splendor of Stonehenge and the castles, forts, and towns around England’s seaside town of Portland. Top off this trip with a full day at sea and you have a trip your family will remember for years to come!

The Mediterranean

If you prefer a warmer climate, Disney cruises to plenty of destinations in and around the Mediterranean as well! A 5-night cruise can give you a quick taste of the European coast through France, Spain, and Italy, but maybe you want a little more time. Longer cruises spend a few more days at port, allowing you to soak in more of that history.

The ultimate European cruise on the Disney Magic’s current agenda is a luxurious 12-night tour of the Mediterranean. Your family’s voyage begins in Rome. Destinations dot the islands of Greece as you explore the great works of historical builders from the ancient times into those more modern. The tour meanders up the coast of Spain and into France, where those who have stayed at Walt Disney World’s Riviera Resort will have a passing familiarity with the tone of the region. No matter how long your cruise might be, the ports of Central and Southern Europe are great destinations. Disney cruises are packed with amenities outside the amazing excursions you can expect on land. Whether your ship is docked or at sea, your family has options enough to keep everyone entertained! If your family is ready to set sail, get in touch with one of our ConciEARS right away! Cruises in 2022 and 2023 are filling up now and you don’t want to miss out on the fun. Give us a call or send us a message let’s get planning!



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