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My ConciEARS are Having Fun Without Me!

by | Dec 6, 2020

It finally happened. My fellow ConciEARS crew are off gallivanting about the Magic Kingdom without me. It wasn’t supposed to be this way, but in this climate, we cannot often coordinate in the way we intend.

This was long intended to be a great opportunity. I doubt most of you know, but I have not met most of my fellow ConciEARS face-to-face. The opportunity and the curse of remote working, I suppose. Head ConciEAR Mike and I of course go way back, but we have so many more planners who support our company and your family’s vacations. Way back when, we decided to arrange a trip in the upcoming December holiday time. The intent: get to know each other in person and provide some extra training on the intricacies of Disney World up close and in person.
It pains me a bit to withdraw from those plans. It pains me less that Disney is so forgiving of such things these days! One day before I was to depart and meet with the crew, I had to cancel. Full refund from Disney, no questions asked. I lost some cash on my already-cheap flight, but the stay in Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort was gone from my plans. Even the deposit was refunded. Talk about taking care of their travelers!

Now, if you take the time to look at our socials, you can see my comrades having a blast. Masks on their faces, they trek into parks I want to visit. They eat at restaurants I suggested. They are living my Disney Dream at the moment. Please take a moment to subscribe to our Facebook and Instagram feeds, as we are getting a great look at what is happening in the parks right now.
And that look gives me just a little bit of pain, as I am certain it does for many of you. Rather than lament the holiday season I can’t enjoy, I want to look forward to the holidays to come. I strengthen my resolve that our healthcare system will fix certain problems and we can enjoy a trip to our favorite places again soon, mask optional this time.

If you want to set up one of those trips, please give us a call or email! We want to get to know you and your family, from your Disney history to your Disney dreams. There is plenty of magic to anticipate in this world, and we can help you enjoy it. Maybe you want to visit the full experience in Disney World, mask in hand. Maybe you want to try out a calmer destination like Hilton Head or Vero Beach. Maybe you want to go full isolation and visit Aulani in Hawai’i.

Regardless of your family’s destination or time frame, we are here for you and your family. Now more than ever, our travel planners are ready. Having experienced everything Disney has to offer first-hand, we can make the recommendations you crave. Just let us know when you plan to go and we can take care of literally everything else.
I know I’m feeling the lack of Disney in my life. Are you? Let’s get planning!
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