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Set Sail with Adventures by Disney!

by | Jan 16, 2021

As we start to work our way back to travel, many traditional trips are off limits. Cruises in particular are a tough sell in a time when people should not be crammed together into a small space. We know that a lot of expeditions over water are being deferred. For now.

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Disney announced just this week that there will be opportunities aplenty in 2022 and the last few months of 2021. Some of these are the standard cruises we know and love, Castaway Cay and all. Others are something completely new from Disney.
Not content to offer the same amazing experiences they have in the past, Adventures by Disney designed a few new trips to their mix. These Expedition Cruises create the chance for guests to enjoy some of the world’s most remote and exotic locations with the same family-focused activities that Adventures guests love. These expeditions are the cream of the crop and it’s almost more than we can handle just imagining these trips!

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First up is the type of trip that is amazing simply because so few humans have tried it before: Antarctica! With this new experience, Disney can officially claim trips to all seven continents. These exclusive cruises give guests a taste of luxury with 11-night expeditions into South America’s Patagonia followed by a sail a bit more south to Antarctica. Whether you are more interested in the far southern communities at the end of the world or the wildlife living near the South Pole, this cruise is a true test of bravery in the face of nature itself.

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If the deepest south isn’t up your alley, maybe a trip to Buenos Aires is! Spend four days in Argentina touring the city, learning about the culture, food, and drinks of this vibrant community. Your meals and guides are included in the price as you experience dance and art in South America. For the truly bold, guests can chain this new experience with the aforementioned trip to Antarctica!
If wildlife is your focus, your family can spend time at the Galápagos Islands! This Disney excursion allows your family to spend their time exploring these historic spaces, viewing giant tortoises, snorkeling, kayaking, and traversing trails across these exciting destinations. With multiple routes over nine days, your family can experience a completely different adventure every time.

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Adventures by Disney continue to delight their guests with Disney-level service applied to the humdrum package tour! Whether you explore the wilds of South America or the rivers of Europe, you have so many options available. Advance booking for these excursions and more begin January 22nd for most guests. If you are interested in taking your family on the adventure of a lifetime, get in touch with our travel planners right away! We are here to help you explore the world.
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