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Three Disney Ships, a World of Marvel Adventure!

by | Jul 24, 2021

A journey on the Disney Cruise Line is never compete without some high seas adventures! For the True Believers (the great Stan Lee’s term for big-time Marvel fans) in your family, a whole day at sea celebrating Marvel super heroes and villains is a dream come true. Disney has plenty of heroic options to keep everyone trained for their next mission.

The Disney Magic, one of the ships in Disney’s fleet, has the most Marvel magic packed into its itinerary. On select cruises, you can experience the Marvel Day at Sea. In 2022, these itineraries are open on several of the 5-day cruises out of Miami, visiting ports in the Caribbean and the Bahamas. One full day on each trip is fully at sea and fully loaded with activities.

Picture Courtesy Disney

Bring your costumes! On the Marvel Day, your whole family can suit up with the rest of the Avengers. Keep an eye open around the ship, as you might see myriad Marvel heroes around including Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, Thor, and Loki. You can also make reservations to spend a minute with Iron Man, Black Panther, and Spider-Man!

Kids aged 3 to 12 will love Disney’s Oceaneers Club. All of Disney’s ships have a space like this, but the Disney Magic has more experiences for your family. Guests of the Club learn to become super spies with Black Widow. They can train their strength and worthiness with Thor. A bit of time with Spider-Man and your kids will have the same flexibility and reflexes as their favorite web slinger!

Picture Courtesy Disney
Picture courtesy Disney

Adults on the Magic will love the Marvel Day at Sea as much as the kids. Costumes and super hero meetups are cool, but what about dancing with Star Lord and Gamora? The Fathoms night club mixes dancing and cocktails with appearances from some of your Marvel favorites.

The whole family will enjoy Marvel movies both in the Buena Vista Theatre and on the big screen under the stars. Most people never get the chance to watch movies this big from the comfort of a poolside lounge! Family trivia night will test the skills of the biggest Marvel fans. Those looking to express their inner artists can learn the secrets of the pros who create and illustrate these heroes on the page. 

Thor in front of stacks on Disney Magic
Picture Courtesy Disney

If you happen to be on a different cruise ship, never fear! Marvel heroes make appearances on other cruise itineraries as well. Those vacationing on the Disney Fantasy can meet Doctor Strange as he teaches kids how to defy the Dark Dimension. Captain America shows off the iconic weapons of the Avengers and teaches guests how to be a true hero.

Avengers Campus in Disney California Adventure might be the biggest Marvel destination on land, but there are plenty of other adventures to be had at sea! As Disney continues to release more cruise departures for 2022 and beyond, we will learn more about what is available. If you want to keep in touch, let us know! Our Disney travel planners are excited to help you craft a cruise experience, whether it’s your first or your fortieth. Send us a message today and make sure you say, “Make Mine Marvel!” 



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