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Are You Ready for an Interstellar Adventure?

by | Feb 24, 2022

(David Roark, photographer)

It’s about time. At Walt Disney World, a non-anniversary event is about to take place. The newest endeavor in hoteling is about to open in the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser! It’s been six months since we wrote about it here, but the new hotel cruise is all over the place right now because it opens on March 1st. 

While there are plenty of people questioning the new experience from afar, we’re not quite so pessimistic here. After all, Galaxy’s Edge is proving its staying power and immersive theming, so who’s to say this new experience can’t do the same?

Days before the hotel-cruise is about to open, news emerged on Star Wars.com that a new novel would tie together the classic trilogy of movies with the parks. Apparently, Han and Leia got themselves married and went on their honeymoon aboard the Halcyon, the very same cruiser we are boarding in Orlando to embark upon our own Star Wars adventures.

I mean, how can you be upset about the living quarters on a space ship? (David Roark, photographer)

I’m still going to hold on to my memories of The Courtship of Princess Leia by Dave Wolverton from 1994, where we first learn the witches of Dathomir would ride Rancors. Sound familiar, recent-era Star Wars fans?

Loads of fun aboard the Starcruiser Halcyon! Also, some danger with the First Order. (Disney/Lucasfilm)

Anyway, people have been complaining about the price of a couple nights in the Star Wars hotel, but come on. Where else can you get all meals included just like a cruise, get admission into Hollywood Studios, and access completely original Star Wars stories acted out by Disney’s talented cast members? 

Which suite do you think was the honeymoon suite back when Han and Leia were on board? I digress, but I’m thinking there has to be a suite bigger than the 8-guest grand captain suites. Regardless, there are 100 rooms on the cruiser for Star Wars fans major and minor to live out their Star Wars lives. After you see some of those early reviews, make the decision for yourself. Call one of our ConciEARS planners and set up your own interstellar trip!

Oh, and this just in! Check out this new video showcasing some real shots inside the ship. This kind of immersive storytelling is so new, none of us really know what to expect. I, for one, can’t wait!



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